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  • Community issues and ideas 
  • Crime and safety
  • Schools and parks
  • Service recommendations
  • Family activities
  • Help neighbors in need
  • Local stories and history

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  • Community/cultural events
  • Free stuff
  • New small businesses
  • Local news, photos, video
  • Elected official updates
  • Lost or found pets 
  • In any language

Why Join?

  • Neighborly connections
  • Vibrant and inclusive community
  • Access information, get answers
  • Have a voice, listen actively
  • Get free stuff
  • Share news and ideas
  • It's fun and easy

Participate via e-mail, the web, Facebook and Twitter. is an E-Democracy project to create online places where neighbors meet across St. Paul and Minneapolis. Some 20,000+ area residents participate across the 35+ Neighbors Forums hosted by E-Democracy alone. In some areas, that's +30% household participation!

Video - Let's Twin Cities

Benefits of Neighbor Connecting

Online connections across local communities lead to in-person community engagement "in real life." With a unified, simple, and very public shared local online communication channel that is open to all, these benefits can be unleashed.

  • Crime Prevention
  • Disaster Preparedness and Community Recovery
  • Emergency Preparedness and Response
  • Neighborly Mutual Benefit and Support
  • Health Care and Long-term Care
  • Diverse Community Cohesion
  • Recent Immigrant and Refugee Integration and Support
  • Education and Community Service
  • Energy Efficiency
  • Environmental Sustainability
  • Senior Care and Inter-generational Connections
  • Small Business Promotion
  • Transportation
  • Local Food
  • Sustainable Broadband Adoption
  • Rural Community Building 
  • Youth Employment and Experience
  • Community Building, Civic Engagement, and Social Capital
  • See source for details on this list

Background - Twin Cities Neighbors Forums is a community outreach campaign led by E-Democracy. Our neighbors forums foster "community life exchange" with local civic issues included. Our city-wide forums give you a focused place to raise public voices in local democracy. Invite Others - Send them to:

Our largest forums in Standish-EricssonPowderhorn, and Seward attract over 30% of households in their area with some crossing the 1,000 member mark. 

Building off previous inclusion efforts, in 2012 we are launching a new grant-funded inclusion campaign to grow our St. Paul forums with the greatest diversity possible to over 10,000 members in three years. Fundraising to include Minneapolis and other communities is planned.

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