Rules - Terms of Use

These important rules govern our Local Forums and guide the other online Communities of Practice we host. To file a rule violation complaint contact your local Forum Manager per Section 2.10 of the Full Rules.

Rules of Participation — Short Summary

  1. Real Names — Sign posts including your real name and city.
  2. Limits on Posting — Two per member per day in most forum charters.
  3. Keep Topics within Forum Purpose — Local issues on a local forum for example.
  4. Be Civil — No name-calling. Respect among citizens with differing views is our cornerstone.
  5. No Attacks or Threats — This keeps the forums safe. If content is illegal it will be forwarded to the proper legal authorities.
  6. Private Stays Private — Don't forward private replies without permission.
  7. Avoid False Rumors — Asking for clarification of what you've heard in the community can be appropriate if issues-based. You alone are responsible for what you post.
  8. Right to Post and Reply — Sharing your knowledge and opinions with your fellow citizens is a democratic right.
  9. Items Not Allowed in Forums — No chain letters, etc.
  10. Public Content and Use — You are sharing your content forever, but retain your copyright.
  11. Warnings — You may receive informal or official warnings from the Forum Manager.
  12. Suspension — With your second official warning in one year, you are suspended for two weeks. It goes up from there.
  13. Appeals Process — You can appeal a warning(s) once you receive a third warning and six month removal. Rare appeals are not received most years.

See the Full Rules for more detail.

The last major revision of the Rules took place in 2011.