GroupServer Open Source Platform

E-Democracy uses open source software to the greatest extent possible.

We seek to connect most people in a local community possible across their technology preferences, generations, etc. into a unified online community space. We seek to connect people who do not yet know each other in public and community life (unlike Facebook which best connects you to people you already know, trust, and are most like you).

At the neighborhood in particular, there is a natural monopoly with people flocking to the online space with the most people/activity - so without a multi-technology approach, large parts of the community will be excluded if you are only on Facebook, just email, or just desktops.

The GroupServer platform allows us to reach people via email (still the most used daily online tool), via daily email digest with web reading, web reading only, and web feed. And uniquely, we use the web feed to syndicate excerpts into Facebook Pages and share headlines via Twitter using additional tools. Our new design is very mobile web friendly as well.

Current Resources

For information on how E-Democracy is using the GPL open source GroupServer platform, see:

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