Civic Technology

Digital Inclusion

E-Democracy seeks to demonstrate that all communities, regardless of income and diversity, can be part of developing technology solutions to community challenges.

As government and community participation moves online, now is the crucial time to design inclusive “civic technology” to raise underrepresented voices. When using civic technology with all communities, particularly lower income communities and marginalized groups, the outcomes need to matter.

Civic Tech Projects

  • Open Twin Cities - Open Data + Technologists + Active Citizens = Powerful Communities.
  • Poplus - A global federation for collaborative civic coding.
  • Open Minnesota - Proposes an innovative educational outreach initiative to prepare Minnesota communities to take advantage of open data, civic technology, and open government.
  • CityCampMN - Minnesota's unconference series and online community focused on building community through inclusive technology innovation. E-Democracy is the global fiscal agent for CityCamp.
  • GroupServer - Join our open source coding efforts to bring innovative ideas to our nearly 30,000 forum members.

Overview of “civic hacking” (aka software development, design, use of government data).

More great videos via Open Minnesota.