Facebook Groups Help - Expert Guidebook E-Books

Interested in a "how-to" guides on running Facebook Groups?   

Help make it happen! 

E-Democracy gets online groups. Our non-profit has 20 years of experience of using online groups for community "good" across many platforms. Today we have direct experience with large Facebook groups on open government, local parenting, and more. We know what works and what is hype. Based on our community building mission, with these proposed guides we can help you connect people online and support our non-profit activities. 

  • Facebook Groups Expert Guide - Going beyond Facebook Groups Help...
    • What are the changing settings and features of Facebooks Groups as your group grows? (Often secret and surprising changes when a feature is lost because you've crossed 50, 150 or 1000 members.)
    • Should your group be public, private or secret? 
    • Strategies for growing real engagement beyond member numbers?
    • How to foster broad participation to help posts reach members?
    • Tips on when a Facebook Group is better than a Facebook Page.
    • Turning challenging participants into effective members before resorting to banning
    • And more ... this e-book will be useful for every Facebook Group Admin looking to be as effective as they can.
    • What this guide will not be - a guide on marketing (that is what paid use of Facebook Pages are for). Facebook Groups are not particularly well designed for marketing or one-way communication. They are about people communicating in groups. So, if you really aren't  interested in connecting people two-way and helping them belong to a group, this guide will not be for you. This guide will also be frank about the limitations of Facebook Groups and ask hard questions to help you figure out when it doesn't make sense to use them.
  • Facebook Groups for Good
    • How to use Facebook Groups for knowledge exchange in communities of interests
    • Organizing global online communities via Facebook Groups for causes and on issues
    • Outreach strategies and special techniques
    • Hashtag use and developing connections with Twitter hashtag communities
    • General online facilitation tips and links to resources
  • Facebook Groups in Local Communities - From local communities to communities of practice, lessons that work.
    • How to use Facebook Groups for in your local community.  
    • From private groups among your nearest neighbors to community-wide bulletin boards to supporting community groups, this e-book will have special tips adapted for Facebook from E-Democracy's 20 years of experience with online community engagement.
  • The proceeds from these e-books will support E-Democracy's non-profit mission. If you would like to sponsor or donate to support guide development, please contact us.