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E-Democracy's co-founder Steven Clift hosts the 2,000+ member Democracies Online Newswire. 

This is "the" trusty and selective global email announcement list for e-democracy, open government, civic technology dating back to 1998. With speaking events across 30+ nations, before the age of Facebook and Twitter, people across our movement were gathered by Steven Clift one city, one country at a time into this network.

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DoWire is your primary source for what's important and happening with the convergence of democracy and the Internet around the world. DoWire is a free, low volume, moderated e-mail announcement list.

Launched in January 1998, DoWire connects over 2000 experts, practitioners, journalists, and citizens across 80 countries. If you are interested in democracy online - including politics online, new media, e-governance, e-government, online advocacy and activism, citizen e-participation and related topics, then join us.

Each week, well known e-democracy expert and speaker Steven Clift posts/forwards, with occasional analysis, carefully selected messages. Posts include news, article, and report web links, event and conference announcements, calls for papers, and often uncover important "primary source" online resources, projects, and initiatives of significance.

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