E-Democracy People

Our unique approach is to both go deep locally and wide globally. 

We go deep with the everyday, sustained practice of democracy and civic engagement online in our E-Democracy Communities. This real world experience, directly informs our open efforts to widely convene and share lessons globally.

  • Engage Locally - Engaging 20,000+ local participants everyday in special E-Democracy Communities, promoting new voices and inclusion via digital democracy.
  • Knowledge Exchange - Open government news, how-to advice, global online communities of practice, presentations, and more.
  • Civic Technology - Open source engagement, Open Twin Cities, and testing new tools.

Join us as we explore emerging project ideas.

Our newer civic technology work is designed to both deepen efforts in our home state of Minnesota and be a leader in efforts to build inclusion and raising news voices into technology for good efforts globally.

We thank our individual donors, sponsors, and grant funders for making these initiatives possible. Donate today.