Topics in Westwood Neighbors

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Topics in Westwood Neighbors
  Topic Posts Latest Post
Handy person/plumber/bathroom remodel recommendations 4 Padma Tumuluri at 3:46pm, Feb 06
"Single Use to Zero Waste: What's new with recycling?" this Wednesday 1 Claire Galkowski at 4:46pm, Jan 28
Close call at High Rock Street and Dover Road 2 Jan Galkowski at 8:03pm, Jan 18
Dog walker recommendation 1 Patty MacDonald at 5:21pm, Jan 03
Good handyman 1 Aida at 3:18pm, Dec 30
Did you sign up for the Recycle Coach app? and some holiday trash tips 1 Claire Galkowski at 3:07am, Dec 21
Kids bowling toy 3 Cori Lapp at 7:25pm, Dec 04
Chimney Mason 4 Claire Connors at 11:40pm, Dec 01
Plumber rec for small jobs 4 Marianne Miller at 7:33pm, Dec 01
Help Westwood High School's Robotics Team Raise Funds! 3 Daniel at 3:51pm, Nov 29
Home A/V Support 1 Julie Walker at 1:48pm, Nov 28
Tankless water heater experience? 6 Chandana Gopal at 11:54am, Nov 14
Bathroom remodel 2 Karen Vernacchio at 12:00am, Nov 14
Library Book Sale - Thursday, Friday and Saturday 1 Chandana Gopal at 11:26am, Oct 18
Tile installers 5 Gayle Sudit at 11:12pm, Oct 15
Tree Service/trimming 4 Danny Bradley at 6:59pm, Oct 09
Westwood Diwali Festival 1 Chandana Gopal at 6:22pm, Oct 05
Need referral - Handyman or Construction Exp - Downey school project 1 Sudha Sarma at 1:24pm, Oct 05
Westwood Recycling Day October 13, 8-noon, DPW 1 Claire Galkowski at 10:53am, Oct 05
Town Wide Parent Workshop September 12th 1 Megan Brenk at 10:34am, Aug 30