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Topics in United States Issues Forum
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[Minnesota] BREAKING NEWS – Widespread reports that Attorney General Jeff Sessions may have lied at his confirmation hearing are factually wrong – a new video shows Sessions said the opposite of what reported when he answered Sen. Al Franken’s question 1 Steven Clift at 11:18pm, Mar 13
Affordable care act dilemma. 8 Wizard Marks at 4:31pm, Mar 12
Science Fiction (marketing) strikes again 1 Mike Schoenberg at 6:55pm, Mar 10
USA’s chronic trade deficits. 8 Bernard Belitsky at 6:50pm, Mar 10
"Geezerhood" by Tony Bouza 1 Ed Felien at 10:57pm, Mar 09
proposed Coast Guard cuts - crazy 1 David Frenkel at 7:07pm, Mar 09
Come McMasters of War 1 Ed Felien at 5:44pm, Mar 08
Is Minimum Wage a Living Wage 10 Bernard Belitsky at 2:52pm, Mar 08
Steve Bannon? Really? 22 Wizard Marks at 9:28pm, Mar 07
Trump again tweets falsehoods based on partial facts from Fox News to distract from the Republican health plan 1 Marc Asch at 7:01pm, Mar 07
Trump drags feet about releasing benign information 1 Rand Strauss at 3:24am, Mar 07
Russia has been manipulating Trump 10 Rand Strauss at 2:15am, Mar 07
The name “Redskins” is offensive? To who? 59 CJ Sparrow at 11:37am, Mar 06
Without citing evidence, Trump accuses Obama of having 'wires tapped' in Trump Tower during election 6 Rand Strauss at 12:22am, Mar 05
More Trump advisers disclose meetings with Russia's ambassador ( 7 Bill Kahn at 5:07pm, Mar 03
USA’s annual trade deficits & Import Certificates 1 Bernard Belitsky at 4:07am, Mar 03
Democrats should behave more responsibly. 5 Jack Ferman at 12:31am, Mar 02
Fact-checking President Trump's address to Congress 2 Jack Ferman at 4:54am, Mar 01
Politicization of Science 36 Ed Felien at 10:27pm, Feb 26
Truck rams New Orleans crowd during Mardi Gras parade; 28 injured 1 David Frenkel at 8:46pm, Feb 26