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Topics in United States Issues Forum
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[Mpls] Rep. Keith Ellison needs to resign due to his endorsement of Antifa 2 John Gaylord at 2:26pm, Jan 10
Allegations 9 John Gaylord at 6:13pm, Dec 11
Trump considers private Stasi 1 Mike Schoenberg at 6:52pm, Dec 05
Rolling back the years 1 Jack Ferman at 5:10pm, Nov 22
My Veterans Day 5 Pat Byrne at 12:20am, Nov 13
Make the Ancien Regime Great Again! hashtag MARGA 1 Ed Fesler at 5:10pm, Nov 02
Las Vegas 12 Bill Kahn at 5:44pm, Oct 14
American Homicidal Ideation Led to Violence and Death 14 Bill Kahn at 6:15pm, Oct 04
What issues hurt Trump's popularity the most? 3 Bill Kahn at 6:32am, Sep 26
2016 Presidential Campaign 5 Jack Ferman at 12:17am, Sep 19
DACA camp on the Washington mall 1 David Tilsen at 3:38pm, Sep 06
Trump pardons Sheriff Arpaio during Texas hurricane 3 Marc Asch at 9:52pm, Aug 26
Happy, Happy 3 Wizard Marks at 6:51pm, Aug 24
Monuments to Americans who fought against Independence 2 Diggitt at 7:52pm, Aug 18
Trump's rhetoric-uncontrolled escalation to war 3 Jack Ferman at 2:39am, Aug 12, 2017
Federal report on Climate Change leaked to NY Times 1 David Tilsen at 4:44pm, Aug 08, 2017
Tracy 1 Wizard Marks at 2:16pm, Jul 27, 2017
headline in New Yorker (Borowitz report 1 Mike Schoenberg at 10:11pm, Jul 15, 2017
Are we headed to societal collapse? 10 Rand Strauss at 11:40pm, Jul 01, 2017
Accuse First and Investigate later? Is That the Way They Want to be Treated? (Castile Shooting) 1 CJ Sparrow at 2:03pm, Jun 22, 2017