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Topics in United States Issues Forum
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Breaking News: The National Black Lives Matter Co-Founder and the founder of the St Paul Chapter of BLM have both resigned. 1 CJ Sparrow at 3:57pm, Jun 03
Is Woke the new religion, about to take over the whole regime, as Christianity is said to have done, in the 4th century, or is it a political cult? 1 CJ Sparrow at 7:11pm, Jun 02
Lingering impact of Trump Administration 4 Marc Asch at 11:33pm, Apr 05
Jan 6 Rioters 2 Nathan Jenkins at 2:32pm, Mar 16
One final email to President Trump 1 Chuck Turchick at 8:12pm, Jan 16
Best take yet on impeachment 1 Ken Bearman at 5:36pm, Jan 12
Constitution Q 5 Jack Ferman at 6:41pm, Jan 08
Political Dimension 10 Marc Asch at 7:34pm, Dec 20
A note of sympathy to Our Dear Leader 2 Jack Ferman at 6:04pm, Dec 12
Differences 3 May Street at 10:00pm, Dec 11
another Trump "victory"? 1 Marc Asch at 2:46am, Nov 16, 2020
Hallelujah 2 Jack Ferman at 9:18pm, Nov 07, 2020
Networks are milking advertising dollars 2 John Gaylord at 5:55pm, Nov 07, 2020
Must see TV: Sen Whitehouse's questioning of Judge Amy Coney Barrett 6 Chuck Turchick at 8:28pm, Oct 14, 2020
Infector in Chief 2 Ken Bearman at 3:31am, Oct 06, 2020
Trump endanger Secret Service Agents for photo op 1 Marc Asch at 10:40pm, Oct 04, 2020
Please remove bias from news stories 1 Mark V Anderson at 2:25am, Sep 23, 2020
Supreme Court 2 Matt Perry at 6:12pm, Sep 19, 2020
Trump Archive Weekly Digest 32 John Gaylord at 1:31am, Aug 20, 2020
Should we follow the Swedes and have a more limited COVID 19 lockdown? 2 CJ Sparrow at 8:03pm, Aug 03, 2020