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Topics in United States Issues Forum
  Topic Posts Latest Post
Live by the Trump, Die by the Trump 3 Ed Felien at 2:59am, Nov 08
โ€˜There Is Still So Much Evilโ€™ 3 Bill Kahn at 2:12am, Nov 04
Caravan 4 Bill Kahn at 1:26am, Nov 04
American Homicidal Ideation Led to Violence and Death 15 Bill Kahn at 6:38pm, Oct 26
News & opinion sources 27 John Gaylord at 2:52pm, Oct 26
How Americans See the World 5 Bill Kahn at 7:13pm, Oct 24
Lock him up! 3 Ed Felien at 4:06am, Sep 29 I Am Part of the Resistance Inside the Trump Administration 6 Jack Ferman at 5:20pm, Sep 06
Senator John McCain Dead 3 Mary Lund at 6:53pm, Sep 01
Treason, Bribery, or other High Crimes and Misdemeanors 22 Bill Kahn at 1:15pm, Jul 26
No Subject 13 Dave Hutcheson at 1:45pm, Jul 20
Comparing the USA in 2018 with Germany in the 1930s 24 Bill Kahn at 4:49pm, Jul 09
Trump's SCOTUS list 1 Jack Ferman at 4:04pm, Jun 29
President Trump 33 John Gaylord at 7:37pm, Jun 27
Mike Madden, Not Guilty 1 Ed Felien at 9:45pm, Jun 18
Thoughts on the Singapore Summit. . . 2 John Gaylord at 2:43am, Jun 12
Memorial Day 1 Wizard Marks at 9:33pm, May 27
Palestinian deaths in Gaza 1 David Tilsen at 1:33pm, May 14
The Great Negotiator just lost the Persian War 12 Bill Kahn at 1:40am, May 14
How Michael Cohen, Denied Job in White House, Was Seen as Its Gatekeeper 2 John Gaylord at 2:22pm, May 11