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West 7th Fort Rd Neighbors Forum

The NEW neighborly place to share information, discuss local issues, find solutions and build a vibrant community is now OPEN!  

While independent, this forum is a friendly complement to the important work of the West Seventh / Fort Road Federation.

You can participate via e-mail or the web. Stay tuned for future Facebook and Twitter options. 

Building an Inclusive and Open Forum

Welcoming online forums that reflect the dynamic diversity of their communities build bridges among neighbors of different backgrounds be they racial, economic, educational, etc. Together we are stronger.

  • West 7th/Fort Road Population: 11,083
  • Outreach Goal: 520+ forum members or ~10% households reflecting local diversity 
  • Diversity: 26.4% people of color, including 11% Black, 8% Latino, 3.4% Multiracial, and 3% Asian. 73.6% of the population is White, non-Hispanic. 57% of households earn less than $50,000/year.
  • Source: | 2011 Community Profile 

Special Outreach Campaign 
This forum is part of the major city-wide Be Neighbors outreach campaign. Please let us know about key community and cultural events where we might sign people up in person and become a volunteer!

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A special thank you to the John S. and James L. Knight Foundation for their support for our initiative and Open Twin Cities.

Thank you - Central Corridor Funders Collaborative, the Bush Foundation, the Ford Foundation, and other major donors.

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