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Welcome to St Paul's Union Park Neighbors Forum - Join In!

This forum is the online neighborly place to share information, discuss local issues, find solutions, and build a vibrant community. We cover all the neighborhoods within the Union Park District Council area of Saint Paul, including:

  • Merriam Park
  • Snelling Hamline
  • Lexington-Hamline
  • Desnoyer Park. 

Union Parks Neighborhoods Map

While this is an independent forum, it serves as a friendly complement to the important work of the Union Park District Council, providing a convenient way to engage in discussions on neighborhood issues without leaving home.  

Super Neighbor - This Month's Forum Sponsor

Green Line Challenge

“What’s your dream for life along the new Green Line?” $1.5 million to be awarded for projects to benefit St. Paul’s Central Corridor neighborhoods. Apply from June 24 to July 24. Learn more.

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Donate now to be next month's forum sponsor. With permission, we will ALSO credit you on every e-mail post with a couple links of your choice. Learn more.

Building an Inclusive and Open Forum

Welcoming online forums that reflect the dynamic diversity of their communities build bridges among neighbors of different backgrounds be they racial, economic, educational, etc. Together we are stronger.

  • Union Park Population: 18,405
  • Outreach Goal: 699+ forum members or ~10% households reflecting local diversity 
  • Diversity: 22% people of color, including 11% Black, 4.4% Latino, 3% Asian and 3% Multiracial. 78% of the population is White, non-Hispanic. 48% of households earn less than $50,000/year.
  • Source: | 2011 Community Profile 

Special Outreach Campaign 
This forum is part of the major city-wide Be Neighbors outreach campaign. Please let us know about key community and cultural events where we might sign people up in person and become a volunteer!

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