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Topics in Saint Paul Issues Forum
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Ayd Mill - Long Term Costs? 13 Pat Byrne at 7:27am
St. Paul Sports 1 Steven MacDonald Froemming at 5:17am, Feb 19
Downtown Riverfront Development. 4 Sheldon Gitis at 11:39pm, Feb 16
St. Paul Paul Public Schools Feb 22 Early College Fair & KMOJ 9:10 AM today 1 Joe Nathan at 1:17pm, Feb 13
Science Fair Judges 1 Ed Davis at 1:05am, Feb 09
Allianz Stadium Parking Hot Spots 29 Dennis Hill at 11:07pm, Jan 31
Midway Soccer Stadium Bait & Switch. 22 Sheldon Gitis at 8:00pm, Jan 31
What is critical to the success of a neighborhood? Who gets decide? 7 Monica Millsap Rasmussen at 2:56pm, Jan 23
Unfairness in Catholic Charities 4 Jane Prince at 6:50pm, Jan 13
Ford Site concentrates affordable housing in NE corner 4 John Slade at 7:39pm, Jan 10
January 9, 2020 is National Law Enforcement Appreciation Day (L.E.A.D.). 1 John Krenik at 12:57am, Jan 10
The Drake fire and possible next steps 2 Joe Nathan at 1:50pm, Jan 09
College Bound Saint Paul 24 John Gaylord at 7:56pm, Jan 08
Renewal subscription for the Pioneer Press, $1, 148.56 per year! WOW! 19 John Gaylord at 8:54pm, Jan 06
Dennis Jensen has passes away, a truely dedicated servent to St. Paul! 2 John Krenik at 12:54am, Jan 06
Tributes 2 civil rights legend & education pioneer Bill Wilson: passed last Saturday 1 Joe Nathan at 3:11pm, Jan 01
Donate to keep your independent forum open in 2020 6 Ed Davis at 5:25pm, Dec 31
St. Paul Pioneer Press - best of 2019 1 John Gaylord at 5:09pm, Dec 29
What do five years of St. Paul police calls for service look like? 3 Sheldon Gitis at 5:45pm, Dec 28
Happy Holidays 2 Steven MacDonald Froemming at 12:45am, Dec 24