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Topics in Saint Paul Issues Forum
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Improvements Needed for the Saint Paul Open Information Program 2 Jack Kirr at 1:21pm, Jul 24
City Council to vote on "Leap of Faith" Regarding Midway Redevelopment 24 Tim Holden at 10:09pm, Jul 19
Cuban Trash Collection? Obamatrash? The "Affordable" Trash Act? 6 Gary Fischbach at 5:38pm, Jul 19
Does the Green Line offer a lesson for Riverview Corridor transit? 2 Sheldon Gitis at 11:18pm, Jul 12
Non-profits and services 1 Monica Millsap Rasmussen at 1:39pm, Jul 11
Ending Gun Violence in St. Paul 27 Dennis Hill at 10:04pm, Jul 07
MN Statute 624.71 - Gun Control 1 Dennis Hill at 11:11pm, Jul 03
MN Statute 624.20 - Fireworks 1 Dennis Hill at 9:44pm, Jul 03
Yanez verdict: St Paul community conversations 30 Wizard Marks at 2:23pm, Jun 28
Black gun owners on Yanez verdict 7 Sheldon Gitis at 12:05am, Jun 25
Attacking RCV: Bad Math or Bad Faith 5 Diggitt at 9:28pm, Jun 23
The role(s) of a City DFL convention - in a City with non-partisan elections. 2 Peter Butler at 4:37am, Jun 23
DFL Rules Committee Votes to Obstruct Endorsement for Mayor 66 Ken Bearman at 7:08pm, Jun 22
Accuse First and Investigate later? Is That the Way They Want to be Treated? (Castile Shooting) 1 CJ Sparrow at 11:04am, Jun 22
Doomed to repeat the next fad in development? 1 Monica Millsap Rasmussen at 8:09pm, Jun 20
FUTURE VIABILITY OF THE ST PAUL DFL IN DOUBT 2 Gary Fischbach at 7:47pm, Jun 20
Guess what? We're still free 6 Gary Fischbach at 2:54pm, Jun 18
DFL Mayoral Campaign 2016 Campaign Finance Reports 5 Tim Holden at 10:18pm, Jun 15
St. Paul Teachers 2017 Endorsements 5 Sheldon Gitis at 5:30am, Jun 14
Why don't you buy more at the Hmong markets? 1 Steven Clift at 4:05pm, Jun 13