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Topics in Saint Paul Issues Forum
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MN stay at home order and St Paul info 1 Anne Carroll at 3:17pm
Mayor Melvin Carter, do NOT layoff our city employees! 17 Pat Byrne at 5:09am
Ayd Mill Road survey 1 Sheldon Gitis at 4:27am, Mar 24
Neighborhood-based mutual aid organizing 3 Alejandra Tobar Alatriz at 12:49am, Mar 22
Ramsey County needs to forgive the first half of the property taxes 18 Pat Byrne at 11:08pm, Mar 21
COVID HELP - Helping eachother, Together we are STRONG! 1 John Krenik at 10:01am, Mar 21
MN Covid Solutions Facebook Group - Tech/Innovation community meets civic leaders 1 Steven Clift at 3:43pm, Mar 20
SPPS/SPFT Teachers strike - here we go again... 15 Pat Byrne at 6:37pm, Mar 15
Thermal Screening at the Airport? 1 Steven Clift at 6:38pm, Mar 14
Helping St. Paul kids understand coronavirus - advice from Mayo Clinic & Gov Walz 1 Joe Nathan at 1:43pm, Mar 14
RES: 20-416 Abortion Providers Appreciation Day Mar.10, 2020 8 Gary Fischbach at 6:22pm, Mar 10
Ayd Mill - Long Term Costs? 19 Pat Byrne at 6:40pm, Mar 07
Twin Cities Boys' Basketball Championship Game 1 Steven MacDonald Froemming at 3:54pm, Mar 01
Humane responses to untreated mental illness 1 Monica Millsap Rasmussen at 3:24pm, Feb 27
St. Paul Sports 1 Steven MacDonald Froemming at 5:17am, Feb 19
Downtown Riverfront Development. 4 Sheldon Gitis at 11:39pm, Feb 16
St. Paul Paul Public Schools Feb 22 Early College Fair & KMOJ 9:10 AM today 1 Joe Nathan at 1:17pm, Feb 13
Science Fair Judges 1 Ed Davis at 1:05am, Feb 09
Allianz Stadium Parking Hot Spots 29 Dennis Hill at 11:07pm, Jan 31
Midway Soccer Stadium Bait & Switch. 22 Sheldon Gitis at 8:00pm, Jan 31