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Topics in Saint Paul Issues Forum
  Topic Posts Latest Post
  Filed a Complaint About John Krenik, Forum Moderator 19 John Krenik at 4:48pm, Jul 04
MN State Senate Committee Hearing on Civil Unrest in Twin Cities. 1 Dennis Hill at 4:38pm, Jul 01
St. Paul Police Presentation to City Council 1 Dennis Hill at 8:21pm, Jun 30
St. Paul Tenant Protections Ordinance - Public Hearing 3 Dennis Hill at 8:05pm, Jun 30
ANTIFA wants to burn down our State Capitol! 14 Anni Murray at 6:57pm, Jun 24
Your HELP is needed! Turn in looters and arsonists! Videos and photos wanted! 2 Ed Davis at 6:05pm, Jun 23
St Paul High School students laid off from jobs plead for what they've earned 3 Mary C. Zanmiller at 3:12pm, Jun 11
Marny Xiong, chairwoman of the St. Paul school board has passed away at age 31. 1 John Krenik at 7:24pm, Jun 07
Saint Paul Tenant Protections ordinance 21 Ed Davis at 2:15pm, Jun 07
Well done SPPD, THANK YOU! 1 John Krenik at 11:47am, Jun 07
Militants (left & right) may have planned to burn down Mn State Capitol! 4 John Slade at 12:05am, Jun 04
Has all the good from the COVID-19 shutdown been undone by the protests, riots and looters and the lack of social distancing? 1 John Krenik at 6:15pm, Jun 03
[Mpls] Who lit the building fires? 2 Carol Becker at 8:42pm, Jun 02
Who lit the building fires? 1 Steven Clift at 6:20pm, Jun 02
Healing after the riots! 1 John Krenik at 5:22pm, May 31
Midway businesses burned and trashed, but the neighbors cleaned up the mess! 3 John Krenik at 4:26pm, May 31
Charges against police officers: Update 2 John Krenik at 7:17pm, May 29
Making Sense of Midway 2 Gary Fischbach at 4:55pm, May 29
What to do? 2 Gary Fischbach at 4:00pm, May 29
Stores being looted in the Midway area! 4 Diggitt at 12:06am, May 29