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Topics in Projects
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Knight Cities Challenge Info Session! - Monday Oct 17 - Share in up to $5 million 1 Steven Clift at 7:28pm, Oct 13, 2016
New Facebook Group on about voting, increasing voter participation 1 Steven Clift at 1:19pm, Aug 25, 2016
Interesting online event: American Citizens Summit - Aug 1-4 1 Steven Clift at 3:27pm, Jul 29, 2016
Meet Ashoka BBQ my patio Mon. Aug. 1, 6pm 1 Steven Clift at 1:45pm, Jul 21, 2016
New Board member openings. Make an e-difference with 1 Steven Clift at 4:44pm, Jul 19, 2016
NYC Invite: Global open gov Facebook group gathering at Civic Hall on June 1 1 Steven Clift at 5:14pm, May 31, 2016
World Forum for Democracy - Call for lab submissions - Due May 15 - Education and democracy: How to bridge the social divides 1 Steven Clift at 4:23pm, May 06, 2016
Announcing Code Switch: A June Civic Hackathon hosted by Blacks in Tech, Umbra, Henenpin County, and Open Twin Cities 1 Bill Bushey at 5:14pm, Apr 22, 2016
US - RSVP for Mar 17 Webcast - Strengthening Citizen Voices with Public Participation: Sunshine Week 1 Steven Clift at 9:59pm, Mar 14, 2016
[open-twin-cities] One Byte At A Time - A civic tech discussion hosted by The Current and Citizens League on 2/10 1 Steven Clift at 2:04pm, Feb 09, 2016
Community and Tech Event ... Policy and a Pint is next week! Plus: Announcing our Election Series 1 Steven Clift at 11:57pm, Feb 03, 2016
Anyone want to build a Councilmatic for Minneapolis and Saint Paul?? 1 Steven Clift at 6:14pm, Feb 02, 2016
Geo:Code 2.0 - March 5th & 6th - A cross Twin Cities civic innovation event 1 Bill Bushey at 10:25pm, Jan 29, 2016
Paper: When Does ICT-Enabled Citizen Voice Lead to Government Responsiveness? World Bank Digital Dividends Background Report 1 Steven Clift at 4:40pm, Jan 28, 2016
(7) 1 Richard Strathern at 12:06pm, Jan 13, 2016
[Loomio Community] Email etiquette for virtual collectives 1 Steven Clift at 11:21pm, Dec 17, 2015
Python developer? Have sysadmin skills and an interest in local engagement online? 1 Steven Clift at 8:47pm, Dec 15, 2015
[Mattermost Insiders] Open source Slack-alternative taking off! 2 Steven Clift at 8:20pm, Nov 24, 2015
World Forum for Democracy Webcast, E-Networking Democracy Builders Globally? Strasbourg, France #COE_WFD 2 Steven Clift at 2:42pm, Nov 18, 2015
mySociety: Why We Do What We Do 1 Steven Clift at 12:54pm, Nov 17, 2015