Online Dialogue and Deliberation Infrastructure


The Online Dialogue and Deliberation Infrastructure Working Group drafted, then submitted a joint proposal for the NCDD Catalyst Award.

Catalyst Awards

Final proposals were due January 13, 2013. Voting by NCDD Members will occur January 28th - February 7th.

This online group is working to create open source infrastructure to accelerate the development of software tools to engage people in online deliberative processes. We're connecting communities of D&D practitioners, software developers, and donors to design, build and fund online tools that will realize the transformative potential of the internet to increase public participation in community decision making. 

After joining our list, you'll want to visit our project's collaborative workspace (excuse the construction). You can also review notes from our teleconferences and proposal collaboration by visiting our submission drafting document (Google Doc).

You Can Participate

This public online group is open to all those who agree to participate in the exchange by introducing themselves to the full group. Members agree with the principle of collaboration with other individuals, organizations, approaches and technologies across the dialogue, deliberation, and public engagement fields.

First time user? When you join your first online group, on the Profile registration page, under Neighborhood, select "▶ You may optionally share more details, add bio, set time zone." At least add your organization and a link to your LinkedIn page or Twitter page under "Best Web Link About You" if you use those services. This turns our member directory into a simple "who's who."

Further Exchange

In addition to the near term goal, the following ongoing uses for this focused online space have been proposed:

  • Help us better understand each other's offerings (tools, services) to prepare for potential partnering/integration if and when the opportunity arises (networking)
  • Provide a sounding board for ideas, challenges (peer-to-peer support)
  • Share project case studies, what worked and what didn't etc. (continued learning)

If you seek to reach a larger audience, ODDI members are encouraged to also use the NCDD members e-mail list, the Online Community Engagement LinkedIN online group, the Democracies Online Exchange and other related online spaces.

Technology Notes

  • This online group is a hybrid of a typical reply-to-group email list and a web forum. 
  • As a public online group, a full-text web feed is available. 
  • File attachments are placed on the server. 
  • A member directory is available. 
  • Members are encouraged to fill out their extended profile options to build “who’s who” trust among those gathered.

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