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Across the field of open government and civic technology we seek to reach our inclusive democratic potential. To make that happen, our many projects must develop effective strategies and initiatives that:

  1. Raise new and more representative voices in democracy and governance
  2. Significantly increase the awareness and use of open government and civic technology for mass uptake
  3. Gather research, statistics, and effective practices on open government uptake, participation, inclusive outreach and marketing
  4. Globally connect the leaders, staff, and funders of open government and civic technology projects who are focused on inclusive outreach and mass participation

In early 2014, E-Democracy will be connecting with civic technology/open government projects, digital inclusion initiatives, government online projects, civil and minority rights organizations, citizen participation groups, and others to develop a project outline and proposal.

This effort is inspired by the Pew Internet and American Life Project's Citizen Engagement in the Digital Age report and a series of popular round tables held by E-Democracy on the "new voices" aspects of the report held at the Sunlight Foundation and Code for America. E-Democracy also hosts the Digital Inclusion Network and leads a lesson-generating pilot initiative on local online participation in lower income, highly diverse, high immigrant neighborhoods.

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