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Topics in Minneapolis Issues Forum
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Demonstration calling for a moratorium on evictions of encampments and small camps of the homeless 25 Mark V Anderson at 3:53pm, Nov 01
Shelter in Place Text Notice 3 Michael Atherton at 6:07pm, Oct 27
An interesting movie about Paul 1 Gary Farland at 6:19pm, Oct 25
The Editor/Publisher of South Side Pride, Ed Felien, plays the race card 7 Carin Peterson at 1:12pm, Oct 24
An advertisement critical of Minnesota Attorney General, Keith Ellison, was featured in the October 19, 2022, 5 pm WCCO-TV news. WCCO made the claim that the advertisement is “misleading.” 5 CJ Sparrow at 4:26am, Oct 24
Instead of defunding the police, all police officers in Minneapolis, including the supervisors, were given $7000 bonuses. 5 CJ Sparrow at 8:28pm, Oct 12
Kieth Ellison, the Minnesota Attorney General, lied about whether Minneapolis Charter Amendment # 2 would eliminate the Minneapolis Police Department (MPD), and the position of Chief of Police. 5 Jim Spensley at 1:52pm, Oct 12
Encampment sweeps 12 Tim Bonham at 10:03pm, Oct 11
How does Cedric Alexander still have his job? 8 Gregory Reinhardt at 1:44pm, Oct 09
I think, therefore I declassify/disestablish 1 Chuck Turchick at 6:21pm, Oct 07
Police matters 5 CJ Sparrow at 4:55am, Oct 05
There is another good article about the Third Precinct in the October 3, 2022, South Side Pride. This article, “3rd Precinct ride-along”, is by by Doris Overby. 1 CJ Sparrow at 3:58am, Oct 05
Heading home Hennepin and Encampments 7 Gregory Reinhardt at 11:51pm, Oct 03
Meeting with City Council Members about- Heading home Hennepin and Encampments 2 Carin Peterson at 6:18pm, Oct 03
The list of Stolen Lives maintained by CUAPB 36 CJ Sparrow at 4:58am, Oct 02
Why are there more balanced articles on crime and policing in South Side Pride? Has Ed really changed his mind on this issue? Is the SSP losing readers? Are his advertisers demanding that he have a more balanced publication to give it some credibility? What’s going on? 7 CJ Sparrow at 3:46am, Oct 02
Report shows mental health professionals responded to 3,300+ 911 calls in first 6 months of program 6 Carol Becker at 1:07pm, Sep 19
Even after two nights of violence, if this article about Community Safety Commissioner, Cedric Alexander is any indication of what he really thinks, I may have to completely change my mind about him, for the better! 2 CJ Sparrow at 11:17pm, Sep 11
Dick Velner has passed 1 Joe Nathan at 12:26pm, Sep 11
The Police Are Defunding Minneapolis – Mother Jones 6 Pat Byrne at 11:27pm, Sep 10