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Topics in Minneapolis Issues Forum
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The list of Stolen Lives maintained by CUAPB 35 CJ Sparrow at 5:35am
Why are there more balanced articles on crime and policing in South Side Pride? Has Ed really changed his mind on this issue? Is the SSP losing readers? Are his advertisers demanding that he have a more balanced publication to give it some credibility? What’s going on? 3 CJ Sparrow at 4:35am
Report shows mental health professionals responded to 3,300+ 911 calls in first 6 months of program 6 Carol Becker at 1:07pm, Sep 19
Even after two nights of violence, if this article about Community Safety Commissioner, Cedric Alexander is any indication of what he really thinks, I may have to completely change my mind about him, for the better! 2 CJ Sparrow at 11:17pm, Sep 11
Dick Velner has passed 1 Joe Nathan at 12:26pm, Sep 11
The Police Are Defunding Minneapolis – Mother Jones 6 Pat Byrne at 11:27pm, Sep 10
Violent crime is not the only concern of Minneapolis residents living near George Floyd Square. A South Minneapolis family says more police are needed after a crash near 38th and Portland, that left a 61-year-old relative seriously hurt 16 CJ Sparrow at 3:50am, Sep 10
What happened when one of the finalists for Mpls Police Chief tried to make big changes in Charlottesville Police Dept. 4 Joe Nathan at 1:26pm, Sep 09
The University of Minnesota, following an increase in crime on and near the campus, will again, openly work with the Minneapolis Police Department. A similar decision was made by the Minneapolis Park Board in May. 1 CJ Sparrow at 8:52pm, Sep 03
Nicollet Mall redesign a concrete mistake? 3 Gregory Reinhardt at 11:53pm, Sep 02
Met Council Transportation Advisory Board “Build Your Budget” misrepresentation 2 Sheldon Gitis at 4:13pm, Aug 27
PBS NewsHour presents a misleading picture of a police beating in Arkansas, while CBS presents a more balanced and nuanced view 4 Tim Bonham at 7:51pm, Aug 25
Laws? What laws? 1 Chuck Turchick at 1:33pm, Aug 24
Bring Me the News - Takeaways from Minneapolis' new gun violence report 5 CJ Sparrow at 5:45am, Aug 20
Your thoughts please on next steps to help those experiencing homelessness in Mpls? 8 Margaret Hastings at 12:12pm, Aug 19
Mayor Frey's post primary requests for assistance from Representative Omar 45 CJ Sparrow at 3:51am, Aug 18
A reply to a Council President Jenkins' email on the PCOC 1 Chuck Turchick at 1:36pm, Aug 17
Northside Boxing and Mohamed Kayongo Featured on CNN International 1 Steven Clift at 4:56pm, Aug 16
Most highly qualified police officers will not want to work for Cedric L. Alexander, Mayor Frey, or any Police Chief they are likely to hire. As a result, we are likely to be short of highly qualified officers, and we will simultaneously be paying more for those less qualified. 1 CJ Sparrow at 4:23am, Aug 16
2 shot, 1 fatally, at George Floyd Square, in Minneapolis earlier today, Sunday, August 14. That followed another shooting where 1 was killed at the same location last Sunday, August 7 11 CJ Sparrow at 10:51pm, Aug 15