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Topics in Minneapolis Issues Forum
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A continuing disgrace of the City Council 25 CJ Sparrow at 3:52am
The Minneapolis City Council, Budget Committee is in progress. They are talking about funding the Police departmet. 7 CJ Sparrow at 6:31am, Nov 18
City Council use of alternate "official" pages 2 walter pitt at 5:55pm, Nov 16
Review of Lawlessness and Government Responses to Minnesota’s 2020 Riots 1 CJ Sparrow at 5:43am, Nov 16
“Community Values,” is on KMOJ FM, hosted by Al flowers is on Sundays at 1pm 1 CJ Sparrow at 6:45pm, Nov 15
"Defund the police, "the gift that just just keeps on Trump and the Republicans 16 Chuck Turchick at 3:22pm, Nov 15
The majority of the Minneapolis City Council now seem to agree that fewer cops equals more crime. Have they really been awakened from their “woke” (1) pipe dreams? 1 CJ Sparrow at 10:59pm, Nov 14
Bicycles and Police Accountability in Minneapolis 5 Chuck Turchick at 9:51pm, Nov 13
Violent crime in Minneapolis up 40% in two years 15 Emilie Quast, SE Como at 10:15pm, Nov 11
The rioters who burned and looted Minneapolis, and many other cities around the country, following the death of George Floyd may be responsible for another four years of Donald Trump. 14 Gregory Reinhardt at 5:40pm, Nov 09
Lisa Bender Not Running 1 Carol Becker at 9:29pm, Nov 08
What does the City Council mean by "centering certain voices"? 2 Connie Sullivan at 9:52pm, Nov 06
Police Conduct Oversight Commission appointment process is farcical 3 Leslie Grilley at 12:16am, Nov 05
Whisky Tango Foxtrot 29 Gregory Reinhardt at 10:51pm, Nov 02
Hennepin County Displacement of People Experiencing Homelessness 4 Margaret Hastings at 1:34am, Nov 02
Mpls City Council causes even bigger crime spike 6 Carol Becker at 12:25am, Nov 02
Let's do Halloween! 14 Constance Pepin at 4:59pm, Oct 31
Rising up against voter suppression 4 Emilie Quast, SE Como at 2:44am, Oct 31
voting line 1 Jordan Kushner at 8:49pm, Oct 30
Council's Public Safety Committee still does nothing on police accountability 2 Chuck Turchick at 4:21pm, Oct 30