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Topics in Minneapolis Issues Forum
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Oh No! There goes Fathers' Day 9 Adam Miller at 2:06am
Oh Dear. Park structure burned on Calhoun Parkway. 4 Adam Miller at 12:18am, May 22
Leslie Davis for Congress CD5 14 Matt Perry at 4:13pm, May 21
Property tax valuations 2 Connie Sullivan at 9:06pm, May 20
Leslie Davis for Congress CD5-GOP 6 Jeffrey Skrenes at 2:24pm, May 20
Negative Impact on Bicyclists FOR YEARS 11 Connie Sullivan at 10:18pm, May 19
Organic Bob has openings for Regenerative Lawn Care crew members 1 Rob "tumbleweed" Czernik at 4:58pm, May 18
The Twin Cities metropolitan area rank in median household income 3 Arthur Himmelman at 4:49pm, May 17
City Hall Climate Cops 40 Matt Steele at 4:42pm, May 17
Funding available for local action on climate change 1 Arthur Himmelman at 3:14pm, May 16
Public School Vouchers for Mpls School Students 8 Bree Dalager at 7:08am, May 15
MPS - Who pays the bills? 6 Jim Bernstein at 10:28pm, May 14
City Council committee supports neighborhoods re 2020 plan 5 Carin Peterson at 3:13am, May 08
City Hall's Neighborhoods 2020 Plan 32 walter pitt at 10:58pm, May 07
Becoming a Homeowner 12 Will O'Keefe at 1:24pm, May 07
A great MayDay 4 Joe Nathan at 10:20am, May 07
Fire Bob Kroll 1 Ed Felien at 11:53pm, May 06
Lowry Hill 4 Tony Scallon at 6:56pm, May 04
It's time to take the next big step--SHUT HERC DOWN 8 Alan Muller at 3:10pm, May 02
Biking to work. 15 Hugh Gitlin at 1:56pm, May 02