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Topics in Minneapolis Issues Forum
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North vs Roosevelt 1 Steven MacDonald Froemming at 4:19am
New studies - does building more housing increase affordablity? 9 Janet Nye at 3:52pm, Feb 19
Minneapolis Sports Teams 1 Steven MacDonald Froemming at 5:13am, Feb 19
fiber optic voic + internet 2 Dan McGuire at 12:01am, Feb 17
Terrance Franklin 2 Ed Felien at 7:52pm, Feb 14
Privatization/Monetization of Minneapolis Parks 8 Constance Pepin at 12:57am, Feb 14
Discussion today, 9:10 AM of Early College Fair 1 Joe Nathan at 1:12pm, Feb 13
Clearly something is not right ... 12 Janet Nye at 9:43pm, Feb 12
The Greenest New Building is the One in the City 15 Carin Peterson at 7:28pm, Feb 12
Record-breaking private commercial real estate deal/sale in Minneapolis 2 Arthur Himmelman at 1:58am, Feb 12
Robin Hood in reverse 6 joan thom at 9:49am, Feb 11
City Hall disregard for and power over neighborhoods 1 Arthur Himmelman at 3:05pm, Feb 08
Homelessness in Minneapolis - MPR discussion this coming Monday 1 Joe Nathan at 12:14am, Feb 08
Homelessness in Minneapolis 41 Janet Nye at 11:30pm, Feb 07
Voter rulemaking deadline - Alert! Today! 30 Ken Bearman at 9:21pm, Feb 07
Burger King 4 Michael Thompson at 8:46pm, Feb 07
Yes! Time for light rail ambassadors and fare enforcement 13 Jim McGuire at 2:05pm, Feb 07
Decorated House 1 Jack Ferman at 2:07am, Feb 07
Tony Bouza in the The Police Tapes documentary 1 Ed Felien at 12:50am, Feb 07
Where do our batteries get recycled? 8 Mark Snyder at 4:21pm, Feb 06