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Topics in Minneapolis Issues Forum
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New Topic 9 Susu Jeffrey at 9:42pm
World Expo in SE Mpls? 8 Steve Brandt at 2:18pm
Sanctuary City and County - For Drugs 1 Jim Graham at 2:29pm, Aug 28
Major Cohousing speech Thu Sept 15 1 Fred Olson at 4:07pm, Aug 27
Donate Perennial Flowers to Augsburg Community Garden! 1 Nora at 3:34pm, Aug 27
Minimum wage issue will be on the ballot. 36 Jim Graham at 2:51pm, Aug 26
Minneapolis and the 100th Anniversary of the National Park Service 4 Jim Graham at 1:59pm, Aug 26
Conversation session with Minnesota Pollution Control Agency 3 Alan Muller at 5:42pm, Aug 24
[CedarRiv] Somali Voices in Minnesota and the Diaspora--Saturday, September 10 1 Steven Clift at 4:44pm, Aug 24
Monarch Magic: Free Art Workshops, Starting tonight @ Nokomis! 1 Mary Everest at 2:50pm, Aug 24
NYTimes: What’s Next for the New York Subway? Toronto Already Knows 3 Sheldon Mains at 2:14pm, Aug 24
Finished Drinking Fountain Art Projects 4 Bill Kahn at 4:41am, Aug 24
Fox 9 to sack somebody 'errors' 4 Ken Bearman at 1:57am, Aug 24
Vampire Trolley Surfaces Again 1 Janet Nye at 5:07pm, Aug 23
Minimum wage issue will be on the ballot. Inbox 1 Connie Sullivan at 2:46pm, Aug 23
[Minnesota] Judge James T. Swenson, official ly retired, is now “senior judge”. 2 Bill McGaughey at 7:15pm, Aug 22
The City Council vs The People 10 Doug Mann at 3:22pm, Aug 22
Judge James T. Swenson, officially retired, is now “senior judge”. 13 Matt Perry at 7:13pm, Aug 21
Minneapolis Public Schools accused of unfair labor practices 1 Doug Mann at 5:53pm, Aug 21
Ilhan Omar scandal--What laws have been broken? 17 Emilie Quast, SE Como at 8:51pm, Aug 20