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Topics in Minneapolis Issues Forum
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Soccer Stadium Financing and Tax Breaks 3 Ed Felien at 7:51pm, Apr 18
Does this pass the smell test? 3 Wizard Marks at 7:19pm, Apr 17
Anniversary 3 Barb Lickness at 7:13pm, Apr 17
ALBATROSS STADIUM ... another $6M + $100's of k/year operating costs to be approved 8 Constance Pepin at 11:22pm, Apr 16
" We can't do this without you, Mayor Hodges" 1 Dennis Hill at 8:42pm, Apr 16
Star Tribune: We Do Anything for Money 1 Connie Sullivan at 7:15pm, Apr 16
[Mpls-StanEric] Colony Collapse Disorder 3 Lara Norkus-Crampton at 7:02pm, Apr 16
Minnesota GreenCorps 2015-16 Member Applications accepted through June 12th 1 Kevin McDonald at 7:52pm, Apr 15
Come to the Capitol Tomorrow!! Support the Bill to Rid East Phillips of Polluting Industries! 1 Carol Ann Pass at 6:36pm, Apr 15
What kind of park do we want downtown next to stadium? 15 Wizard Marks at 9:27pm, Apr 14
Jingle Dress sceening April 23 1 Scott Vreeland at 4:10pm, Apr 14
Heads-Up for the April 15, 2015 Park Board Meeting 1 John Chaffee at 1:34pm, Apr 14
This week in Southside Pride 93 Ed Felien at 8:33pm, Apr 13
forum member bonneville featured in sw journal safer rrd. campaign 1 Cheryl Luger at 9:18am, Apr 12
Long-term service on city commissions 8 Susu Jeffrey at 10:12pm, Apr 11
MPRB Wednesday April 15, 2015 Board of Commissioners Meeting 2 MPRB Agenda - Mary Carlson at 8:59pm, Apr 10
] when are development shoreline overlay protections 'worth the paper' they're wriiten on ? 3 Constance Pepin at 3:51pm, Apr 10
Top Down change in the MPS 1 Dan McGuire at 2:59pm, Apr 10
Energy Efficiency ranking: MSP is #15 2 Ron Leurquin at 4:59pm, Apr 09
"The Dinkytown Uprising" by Al Milgrom 1 Ed Felien at 9:00pm, Apr 08