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Topics in Minneapolis Standish Ericsson Neighbors Forum
  Topic Posts Latest Post
  Introductions 175 Laurel Clift at 11:22pm, May 22, 2018
Minneapolis Police Hiring 1 Doris Overby at 5:05pm, Feb 19
Minneapolis Police Department Reminds People to Take Your Keys With You 1 Doris Overby at 2:16pm, Feb 13
Crime up 55% in Ericsson, 22% in Standish 3 Tim Bonham at 5:16pm, Feb 12
Spaghetti Dinner and Community Meal 1 Candace Lopez at 8:54pm, Feb 11
Neighborhood Watch get together 7 Edelle Rose-Foreman at 12:38am, Feb 11
Got your Valentine gift for a loved one 1 Gordon Everest at 4:13am, Feb 09
Lake Hiawatha Heart Warmer 10 Gordon Everest at 7:46pm, Feb 08
Yes! Time for light rail ambassadors and fare enforcement 1 Steven Clift at 12:14am, Feb 06
Legislative update #1: The Census, CDD, and two town halls 1 Jim Davnie at 2:27pm, Feb 03
Update on Sector 2 and 3 Crime Prevention Specialists in the Third Precinct 1 Doris Overby at 6:23pm, Feb 01
Chief Arradondo Makes New Policy Change - Policy Attached 1 Doris Overby at 4:09pm, Jan 30
Automatic reply: [EXTERNAL] can you re-send the email about the meeting at Sibley tonight 1 Doris Overby at 9:59pm, Jan 29
Free Ceiling Fan - Standish neighborhood 1 karen.baum Baumgaertner at 2:22pm, Jan 29
Block Club Leader Training - Notice attached 1 Doris Overby at 4:11pm, Jan 28
Looking for Ping-Pong accessories 1 Bob Friedman Robert M. Friedman at 12:32am, Jan 28
Old trunk 3 E Lindsay at 5:18am, Jan 27
Crime and Safety Community Meeting 2 Tim Bonham at 4:47am, Jan 23
2019 Lake Hiawatha Trash Survey with pictures 2 Karen Mulhausen at 10:20pm, Jan 07
Pasta Dinner - Minnehaha Food Shelf Fundraiser - Wed Jan 8 - 5-7PM 1 Steven Clift at 8:21pm, Jan 04