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Topics in Minneapolis Standish Ericsson Neighbors Forum
  Topic Posts Latest Post
  Introductions 172 Brian Western at 3:09pm, Jul 05, 2016
Anyone go tankless with their water heater? 1 Steven Clift at 5:22pm, Feb 17
Community Event at Roosevelt 1 Lindsay Walz at 3:34pm, Feb 17
Minneapolis Police Precinct 3 (Sector 2) Weekly Update 7 Doris Overby at 11:16pm, Feb 16
The sinking of South Minneapolis 3 Dick Mabbs at 4:00pm, Feb 14
Minneapolis Police Precinct 3 (Sector 2) Block leader training dates 2 Jim Foreman at 4:01am, Feb 11
Lake Hiawatha Heartwarmer Today! 1 Ryan Vossen at 3:43pm, Feb 10
Phil Aaron Trio TODAY! 1 Alice Evenson at 1:18pm, Feb 10
Lake Hiawatha Heartwarmer Family Event 5 Ryan Vossen at 12:02am, Feb 10
Books Needed for Roosevelt Library Book Sale-Donate this Saturday! 1 Pat Cochran at 11:02pm, Feb 08
Phil Aaron Trio 4 Alice Evenson at 7:09am, Feb 08
two free chairs 2 Hattie Saloka at 6:13pm, Feb 07
Used Books Needed - Donation Day this Saturday 1 Karen Stauber at 7:55pm, Feb 06
SENA 2018 Program Planning Community Feedback Survey 1 Candace Lopez at 5:51pm, Feb 06
Roosevelt High School Theater fundraiser 1 Kim Smith at 2:53am, Feb 06
Singing Valentine - a gift idea 1 Gordon Everest at 7:53pm, Feb 05
BINGO at St. Helena on Saturday March 3rd 1 Ruediger Held at 7:25pm, Feb 04
Minneapolis Police Precinct 3 (Sector 3) Weekly Update 1 Doris Overby at 12:11am, Jan 27
Marlaโ€™s 3 nancy olesen at 11:47pm, Jan 26
Good time to shovel your corner, etc 1 Steven Clift at 9:11pm, Jan 26