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Topics in Minneapolis Standish Ericsson Neighbors Forum
  Topic Posts Latest Post
  Introductions 175 Laurel Clift at 11:22pm, May 22, 2018
MPD 3rd PCT Sector 4 Community Update 1 Doris Overby at 3:23pm, Nov 20
Important website to check out: 2 Sue Kolstad at 5:02pm, Nov 16
Please do your best to express your support for a safer Minneapolis 5 Ed Felien at 7:54pm, Nov 15
MPD Update 3rd Precinct, Sector 3 3 Doris Overby at 5:56pm, Nov 12
Ice dam prevention by heated wires. 3 Edelle Rose-Foreman at 10:13pm, Nov 09
Legislative Update: Thank you, Town Hall, bonding, rebuild, and more 1 Jim Davnie at 9:12pm, Nov 09
Turnout 1 Tim Bonham at 3:35am, Nov 04
51st and Cedar - Recognize the coat? 6 JAMES DUNCAN at 10:45pm, Nov 02
Vote right now (after the court decision) 1 Charley Underwood at 9:36pm, Oct 30
Halloween Event 3 Ryan Vossen at 9:27pm, Oct 29
Third Precinct crime related charts and comparisons 1 Doris Overby at 9:19pm, Oct 29
Statement From the Chief 1 Doris Overby at 2:09am, Oct 29
Third Precinct Crime Alert 1 Doris Overby at 10:42pm, Oct 28
Free Bookshelf 5 P Fewer Lee at 2:56pm, Oct 25
ISO HAM Mentor 5 Mark Wiand at 10:57pm, Oct 24
Minneapolis Police Precinct 3 (Sector 2) Update 43 Doris Overby at 2:30pm, Oct 24
Vote Now 2 Charley Underwood at 10:31pm, Oct 20
sewer drain repair company advice 2 Nathan Lind at 7:58pm, Oct 19
Covid testing 2 Nathan Lind at 7:51pm, Oct 15