Topics in Minneapolis Standish Ericsson Neighbors Forum

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Topics in Minneapolis Standish Ericsson Neighbors Forum
  Topic Posts Latest Post
  Introductions 175 Laurel Clift at 11:22pm, May 22
Handyman...competent in basic plumbing. 2 bev turk at 8:29pm, May 22
Small Business and Entrepreneur Information Session 1 Candace Lopez at 7:46pm, May 22
Trash cleanup totals from Lake Hiawatha. 5 Cari Lombardi at 4:27pm, May 18
Lake Hiawatha Stewardship Report 2015-2017 2 Karen Mulhausen at 1:29pm, May 18
Calling all Contractors, Skilled Trades and Handy-persons! 1 Candace Lopez at 4:09pm, May 17
Neighborhood Beekeepers 2 Charlie Lucas at 3:59pm, May 16
Cat Condo 2 Tim Bonham at 8:14pm, May 15
SENA Plan Modification 6 Candace Lopez at 4:37pm, May 15
free horseradish roots 1 Edelle Rose-Foreman at 1:51pm, May 15
Roosevelt students want to hear from you! 1 Lindsay Walz at 8:05pm, May 14
Looking for Android developer who likes beer in the neighborhood 1 Steven Clift at 12:23pm, May 14
Free Black Dirt 13 Abbi Allan at 3:28am, May 14
Free dirt - filtered black 2 Abbi Allan at 3:08am, May 14
Free gooseneck loosestrife 1 B Nelson at 10:15pm, May 13
Free landscape edging 1 Ryan Macumber at 5:09pm, May 12
Tomato and pepper plant sale and car repair question 2 Sheryl Furness at 12:00pm, May 11
Affordable Summer Camps for Middle/High School Youth 1 Lindsay Walz at 1:33pm, May 10
call for art, Susan Hensel Gallery 1 Susan Hensel at 3:02am, May 10
16th Annual Standish-Ericsson, Corcoran Neighborhood Garage Sale 2 Candace Lopez at 3:26pm, May 09