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Topics in Minneapolis Standish Ericsson Neighbors Forum
  Topic Posts Latest Post
  Introductions 175 Laurel Clift at 11:22pm, May 22, 2018
Lake Hiawatha Public Hearing Scheduled for August 17 20 Jay Hatch at 2:58am
Reasons I oppose the Park Board's Master Plan 58 Nicole Cavender at 6:28pm, Aug 17
A Simpler Hiawatha Plan 1 Doris Overby at 5:35pm, Aug 17
A simpler plan for Lake Hiawatha 1 Ed Felien at 10:35am, Aug 17
In response to Ed Felien 1 Bob Friedman Robert M. Friedman at 1:36am, Aug 15
School board option! 1 Nicole Cavender at 6:33pm, Aug 09
Hiawatha Golf Course is a victim, not the perpetrator, of water issues 4 Nicole Cavender at 4:16am, Aug 09
Hiawatha Golf Course 41 Ed Felien at 12:57pm, Aug 07
Bronze from the Strib 11 Ed Felien at 11:01pm, Aug 02
Lake Hiawatha Action Alert - Park Board meeting Wednesday 6 Kristen Olsen at 6:22pm, Aug 02
Stolen: DnD books on 44th St btwn 32/33rd Ave 5 nancy olesen at 7:02pm, Jul 30
Eagerly await response from Friends of Lake Hiawatha (FOLH) 6 Nicole Cavender at 4:20am, Jul 30
Going forward with expert analysis and data 7 Andrea Fahrenkrug at 2:08pm, Jul 26
ED…THERE IS NO WEIR AT 27TH!!! 18 Larry Olson at 3:27am, Jul 24
Golf/Lake/Park Board…looking for answers! 1 Bob Friedman Robert M. Friedman at 7:52pm, Jul 23
Legislative update: Thank you and frontline worker reminder 1 Jim Davnie at 4:10pm, Jul 22
Lake Hiawatha Action Alert 6 Nadja Reubenova at 1:48pm, Jul 21
Third Precinct Update - Article in July edition of Southside Pride by Kay Schroven 1 Doris Overby at 1:34am, Jul 05
Police Cadet Positions 1 Doris Overby at 4:27pm, Jul 02