Minneapolis Standish Ericsson Neighbors Forum Charter

The Standish Ericsson Neighbors Forum is the place to share announcements and discuss community issues and life specific to our neighborhood. While an independent forum, it is conceived as a friendly complement to our neighborhood association.


The purpose of the Minneapolis Standish Ericsson Neighbors Forum is to build community and promote civic participation in our area.

Participation Rules

By taking part in this forum, you accept the full rules of the forum.

Highlighted rules:

  • No member may post more than four times per 24 hour period.
  • Forums posts must be specific to our neighborhoods or reflect our common experiences as neighbors.
  • Posts from those who live in the neighborhoods who are members of a civic group or places of worship hosting a nearby community event (e.g. a pancake breakfast) may post event announcements. Event notices from others must relate directly to local interest activities
  • This forum encourages public issues exchange. If the topic shifts into more ideological or partisan political exchange, the Forum Manager may close the topic or move it to the more appropriate city-wide or state-wide political forums. 
  • Per the rules 2.8 allowing us to "define what is allowed or not in regard to either free or monetary exchange of goods, services, and advice" here are following charter guidelines:
    • Free items may be posted to the forum. Please post when an item is taken. Note that our archives are public and permanent with very restrictive limits on removing posts - so note that when listing telephone numbers and addresses.
    • This forum is not designed to "Craigslist" style classifieds selling items unless tied to a specified community benefit.  "Community benefit" specials or sales with a specific percent (or amount per item) of proceeds going to a community group or very local non-profit benefit may be posted by those who live or work within the neighborhood. A special topic for garage sale announcements exists. Individual local artisans may introduce their work like any commercial entity noted below, but are also required to specify a community benefit beyond their own financial gain to post about special sales, etc.
    • Participants may request recommendations on service providers and other participants may recommend specific businesses or providers publicly. Service providers themselves should reply privately if offering to provide that service for a fee. Providers may provide general advice helpful for all in direct topic responses publicly that also include their contact information.
    • Commercial service providers or businesses who live or have offices within the city-defined boundaries of the neighborhood or immediately adjacent neighborhoods may generally introduce their services up to twice a year. Home-based businesses may use this special topic. Community events, free performances, community fund raisers, etc. hosted by neighborhood businesses or any community group may be announced without limit. Nothing in these rules prevents participants taking the initiative to post about commercially-connected events, goods, and services that are local in nature that they like or appreciate.

Forum Manager

The volunteer Forum Manager is responsible for the general health and well-being of the forum. The Forum Manager shall:

  • enforce forum rules
  • respond to participant questions
  • listen to complaints or concerns
  • encourage active participation
  • maintain respectful tone of discussion

If you have any questions or concerns about the Minneapolis Standish Ericsson Neighbors Forum, please contact us at:

Membership and Roles

Membership of Minneapolis Standish Ericsson Neighbors Forum is open to Residents or those who work within the Standish or Ericsson neighborhoods of Minneapolis. Non-residents are welcome, but may only post on issues specific to this neighborhood. They may not cross-post announcements sent to other forums..

The Minneapolis Standish Ericsson Neighbors Forum Home Page shows the parts of Minneapolis Standish Ericsson Neighbors Forum that can be seen and contributed to by members and non-members. Use the green Join/Leave button in the left panel of the group home page to join or leave the forum.

Who runs this Forum?

Steven Clift is the official "Forum Manager" who may rule of violations, moderate members with cause, or issue warnings and suspensions based on the official rules posted here: