Topics in Minneapolis Seward Neighbors Forum

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Topics in Minneapolis Seward Neighbors Forum
  Topic Posts Latest Post
  Upcoming Seward Walks This July 13 Marc Lamm at 10:59am, Jul 26
  Managing Your Forum Subscription 1 Peter Fleck at 1:22am, May 08, 2016
Volunteer at Seward Towers East and West NNO Aug 21 & 24 2 Maggie Whitman at 6:09pm
free windows 1 Marc Lamm at 12:52am
ISO Apartment or Home for rent 1 Andrea Martin at 1:17pm, Jul 26
Upright bass? 1 Casey Silver at 6:57pm, Jul 25
Any Businesses using US Internet Wireless (USIW) 1 Sheldon Mains at 6:25pm, Jul 25
Please Post - many many miniature Haralson apples 2 Shaleen Meyer at 1:40am, Jul 25
Your Opportunity To Live On Milwaukee Avenue (For 3 Months) 1 Henry Pan at 1:10am, Jul 25
A Message from Council Member Warsame: Accountability, Justice and Police Reform 1 Ward 6 Council Member Warsame at 11:09pm, Jul 24
Late-night door-bell ringing 6 Marilyn Cathcart at 10:43pm, Jul 24
Candle making supplies and molds for the asking 1 Marilyn Talley Matheny at 8:51pm, Jul 24
Free for Art / Cold-Frame Garden? 14 wood-framed windows 1 Alexis Troschinetz at 5:13pm, Jul 23
Free Large Wheelchair ramp 1 Pat Rosaves at 3:56pm, Jul 23
Looking to rent a 2 bedroom in Seward! 1 Sam Rowbottom at 6:48pm, Jul 21
Dangerous crossing on Franklin 34 Steve Parsons at 7:58pm, Jul 20
Beware of poison bread 3 Linda Felix at 7:27pm, Jul 20
Queen futon with foam core 2 Michele Braley at 6:48pm, Jul 20
Cycles for Change is looking for nice looking for nice couch 1 Sheldon Mains at 4:53pm, Jul 20
Church Bells Just Now 2 Marilyn Talley Matheny at 3:56am, Jul 20