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Topics in Minneapolis Seward Neighbors Forum
  Topic Posts Latest Post
  2018 Seward Summer Walks 10 Rick Musser at 1:37am, Aug 28
  Managing Your Forum Subscription 1 Peter Fleck at 1:22am, May 08, 2016
Hiawatha Encampment 34 Peter Fleck at 4:26pm
Break Bread Free Meal Today, Sept 24 2 Cafe Racer (Luis Patino) at 1:06pm
Plasterer 1 Maia Twedt at 2:09am
Free 7' Magnolia 2 Mary Weber at 9:22pm, Sep 23
FREE Cat Condo 2 Johanna Schussler at 6:19pm, Sep 23
Free Compost Bins 3 Sherry Kempf at 5:54pm, Sep 23
Free Geek is having a rain garden party today! 1 Peter Fleck at 2:06pm, Sep 23
Shame on you for voting against public comment! 1 Melissa Zeck at 6:30pm, Sep 21
Trouble on 24th Ave AGAIN 2 Melissa Zeck at 5:34pm, Sep 21
Sep 30 Intro to Permaculture 1 Rob "tumbleweed" Czernik at 1:40pm, Sep 21
Grade 7-12 Tutoring by Former HS Teacher. 1 Luke Smith at 11:13pm, Sep 20
Proposal to use 26th and Minnehaha in Seward as a transitional home for the Hiawatha encampment 4 Joanne Hedrick at 11:03pm, Sep 20
Early Voting Starting Friday, 09/21/2018 1 JICA at 10:06pm, Sep 20
Safety for people walking and people on bikes in Seward 31 Steve Parsons at 6:44pm, Sep 19
Afternoon babysitter/nanny needed 1 Jennifer Peden at 4:47pm, Sep 19
Remember: Political Signs NOT Allowed on Boulevard 2 Sue Kolstad at 1:49am, Sep 19
Vandalism in garden 2 Kevin Brown at 9:58pm, Sep 15
Store Closing Sale 1 Donald Barton at 1:31am, Sep 15