Topics in Minneapolis Seward Neighbors Forum

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Topics in Minneapolis Seward Neighbors Forum
  Topic Posts Latest Post
  East African Business in Seward Vandalized 12 Joe Shelton at 10:52pm, Oct 15
  Managing Your Forum Subscription 1 Peter Fleck at 1:22am, May 08, 2016
Rethinking Waste in 2020: Reduce, Reuse, Recycle 2 Sam Graf at 3:20am
Twin Cities Tongue Twister Hot Sauce Contest 1 Jeff Zeitler at 8:13pm, Jan 23
Restorative Justice fundraiser Sat Feb 15 5:00p-7:30p 1 Michele Braley at 6:38pm, Jan 22
Looking for an apartment 4 Liz Connors at 3:47pm, Jan 20
Attempted garage break-in 2 Rich Iwen at 5:15pm, Jan 18
Battery recycling sites? 4 Steve Parsons at 9:15pm, Jan 17
MN Presidential Primary Notes 1 JICA at 2:26pm, Jan 17
MPD meetings: Citizens Academy and monthly 3-PAC 2 Katie Cross at 2:51am, Jan 16
Semi-truck parking ordinance public meeting 3 Robin Garwood at 10:43pm, Jan 14
Election Registration Verification 1 JICA at 5:16pm, Jan 14
New French Bakery retail outlet on 26th & 26th will close no later than March 6th 5 Ariana Lindquist at 3:04pm, Jan 14
Seward Community Development Meeting Tuesday, Jan 14 at 7 pm 2 Brigid Higgins at 4:20pm, Jan 13
Found passport in street by Matthew's Park 2 wendy adamson at 3:27pm, Jan 13
Free file cabinets (x3) 1 Brigid Higgins at 6:28pm, Jan 10
Seward Community Building Committee Tonight 6 Kathryn Rosebear at 1:59pm, Jan 09
Futsal / Soccer Training for Grades 6-12 begins Monday, Jan 13, 2020 1 Peter Munene at 10:38pm, Jan 08
Anyone on 24th Ave having water in basement? 3 Michele Haege at 4:26pm, Jan 08
sidewalk at Matthews park 3 Marilyn Talley Matheny at 8:24am, Jan 08