Topics in Minneapolis Powderhorn Neighbors Forum

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Topics in Minneapolis Powderhorn Neighbors Forum
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reposting - needs on Greenway for unhoused campers 1 Maggie Rozycki at 3:32pm, Oct 14
Need House Cleaning? 3 Daisy Fontaine at 12:47pm, Oct 14
free stuff in alley leaning on fence, 3142 10th Ave. so. 1 Maggie Rozycki at 12:29am, Oct 13
needs at 10th Ave. greenway 1 Maggie Rozycki at 4:43pm, Oct 12
Looking for contractor recommendations 3 Douglas Lohman at 9:17pm, Oct 06
Still have lawn signs. 1 David Tilsen at 8:41pm, Sep 28
Interior Painter 3 Steve Young-Burns at 5:44pm, Sep 28
catalytic converter stolen out of a Prius 2007 1 Maggie Rozycki at 11:04am, Sep 25
Yard Sale Today 3934 14th ave S 1 Daisy Fontaine at 5:07pm, Sep 20
Tripod stolen in front of Bloomington Ave post office 2 Dave Garland at 12:38am, Sep 19
Request......................Richard 2 Dave Garland at 7:21pm, Sep 18
Harris Biden lawn signs. 6 Gaylyn Bicking at 4:25pm, Sep 18
Shout Out to the Midtown Global Market 2 Stephen Thomas McClellan at 6:52pm, Sep 17
Art Supplies and more Final Days of Closing Sale 1 Steven Clift at 9:04pm, Sep 16
Biden Harris lawn sign 1 David Tilsen at 7:15pm, Sep 15
Free Stuff 45 Maria Groos at 6:09pm, Sep 13
Where do we go from here? 1 David Tilsen at 5:24pm, Sep 09
Looking for a contractor for work this fall 1 Kim Loconto at 11:18pm, Aug 25
Powderhorn Safety Collective 1 Ed Felien at 3:15am, Aug 25
Free stuff in garage, attn. puppeteers. 1 Maggie Rozycki at 8:24pm, Aug 22