Topics in Minneapolis Powderhorn Neighbors Forum

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Topics in Minneapolis Powderhorn Neighbors Forum
  Topic Posts Latest Post
  How to Participate in this Forum - Posting, Digest, Leaving, Photos, Video and more 7 Nancy Zhao at 11:45pm, Dec 03, 2017
  Good morning Powderhorn! It's #GivingTuesday! 1 Jennifer Armstrong at 5:10pm, Dec 01, 2015
  Forum Introductions 54 Gregg Lind at 8:51pm, Aug 21, 2014
Unresponsive city council member - Alondra Cano 5 Alejandra Tobar Alatriz at 6:58pm
3 Bedroom available in September 1 Laura Klein at 2:58am
Can we replicate this here? 9 alicia milsom at 12:50am
Cast iron radiator removal 2 Scott Bertilson at 7:22pm, Jul 08
canoe, kayak, boat needed 12 Susan Svatek at 7:45pm, Jul 07
Today's park board resolution 1 David Tilsen at 4:44pm, Jul 01
Looking for apartment to rent 8/1, 9/1 or 10/1 1 Kim Loconto at 10:23pm, Jun 30
Kilz to remove odor of cat pee? 5 Maggie Rozycki at 5:31pm, Jun 30
Free boxes, can deliver 1 Jacob Carrigan at 6:28pm, Jun 27
Bike Theft/Garage break in 2 Maggie Rozycki at 6:11pm, Jun 27
Invitation: Special Session Town Hall 6/30 @ 6:30pm 1 Patricia Torres Ray at 7:14pm, Jun 26
Free River Rocks, decorative landscaping 1 Maggie Rozycki at 1:00am, Jun 26
Bike 2 Beth Rapatz at 3:40am, Jun 25
Free Furniture for Pick-Up on Park Ave 2 Nicole Infinity at 6:20pm, Jun 24
End of Special Session Newsletter from Sen. Torres Ray 6/22/2020 2 Maggie Rozycki at 4:35pm, Jun 24
[Mpls] Powderhorn Sanctuary link to demand public officials take action, be inclusive 1 David Tilsen at 3:27pm, Jun 24
Looking for apartment to rent 9/1 or 10/1 1 Kim Loconto at 5:32pm, Jun 20