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Topics in Minneapolis Powderhorn Neighbors Forum
  Topic Posts Latest Post
  How to Participate in this Forum - Posting, Digest, Leaving, Photos, Video and more 7 Nancy Zhao at 11:45pm, Dec 03, 2017
  Good morning Powderhorn! It's #GivingTuesday! 1 Jennifer Armstrong at 5:10pm, Dec 01, 2015
  Forum Introductions 54 Gregg Lind at 8:51pm, Aug 21, 2014
Thank You 7 Lynette Reini-Grandell at 2:56am, Feb 08
Help finding stolen tote bag 3 Shari Albers at 6:33pm, Aug 05
Greetings mpls poho 1 Sara Bergen at 4:25pm, Jul 26
Free kitchen stuff in alley 1 luce guillen-givins at 4:30am, Jul 18
Free mattress 2 Ed Felien at 4:30pm, Jun 14
152nd Memorial Day Observance at Minneapolis Pioneers and Soldiers Memorial Cemetery 1 Susan Hunter Weir at 5:41pm, May 20
Lawn care and snow removal 1 Elliot Grochal at 3:19pm, May 17
Powderhorn Plant Shop May 28th 1 FitzGerald at 11:58pm, May 12
Looking to rent 1 bedroom for Aug 1st 1 Chelsea Forbrook at 6:38pm, May 06
Home Burglary 2 Patrick Cabello Hansel at 6:23pm, Apr 29
Thread of mutual aid funds for striking MPS Education Support Professionals 2 Steve Young-Burns at 5:04pm, Mar 24, 2022
Feb 17 - Pre order by today Feb 16 [minn-indian] Bii Di Gain Elder Fundraiser 1 Steven Clift at 4:13pm, Feb 16, 2022
(autoresponse) Mpls-PoHo Weekly topic digest 1 Bill Dobbs at 4:51pm, Dec 25, 2021
2004 Ford Focus for sale-LOW MILES 1 Rob "tumbleweed" Czernik at 4:20pm, Nov 20, 2021
gas grill with 2 propane tanks in alley behind 3142 10th Ave. So. 1 Maggie Rozycki at 8:58pm, Nov 19, 2021
Free gas grill with two 17 lb tanks. one is empty, the other has some gas. don’;t kknow how much. 7 Douglas Lohman at 11:13pm, Nov 13, 2021
Gas grill is still available 1 Maggie Rozycki at 5:36pm, Nov 13, 2021