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Topics in Minneapolis Powderhorn Neighbors Forum
  Topic Posts Latest Post
  How to Participate in this Forum - Posting, Digest, Leaving, Photos, Video and more 7 Nancy Zhao at 11:45pm, Dec 03, 2017
  Good morning Powderhorn! It's #GivingTuesday! 1 Jennifer Armstrong at 5:10pm, Dec 01, 2015
  Forum Introductions 54 Gregg Lind at 8:51pm, Aug 21, 2014
It's Census Day! 1 Dave Garland at 6:11am
Puppy supplies 2 Lily Lamb at 8:07pm, Mar 30
Extend the Pedestrian zone along West River Parkway from downtown to Minnehaha Falls! 1 Gerry Tyrrell at 4:16pm, Mar 30
Candle-making hobby? 3 Barbara Baichtal at 12:58am, Mar 30
Free Stuff 37 doug bergert at 4:30pm, Mar 28
Free stuff see picture 1 Maria Groos at 3:15pm, Mar 27
Re-Opening Of Tiny Diner 1 Daisy Fontaine at 12:48pm, Mar 27
Re-Opening for Take-Out and Delivery TODAY! 1 Tiny Diner at 8:36pm, Mar 26
Remember to give Lake St Love during Stay at Home order 1 anna bloomstrand at 7:27pm, Mar 26
Want to provide small gifts for neighborhood people on front lines of the virus 1 Ellie Kingsbury at 7:22pm, Mar 26
Herbal help for COVID-19 1 Leah Fifield at 2:38pm, Mar 25
Cat behavior support 1 Kasey Ross at 2:07pm, Mar 25
MN Covid Solutions Facebook Group - Tech/Innovation community meets civic leaders 1 Steven Clift at 3:13pm, Mar 20
OUT in the Backyard: All Classes Cancelled Until Further Notice 1 P.Pozzani, Admin Coord., OUT In The Backyard at 9:51pm, Mar 16
COVID-19: Resources + Updates 1 Grace Berke at 5:32pm, Mar 16
May Day Cafe 1 Steven Clift at 3:16pm, Mar 16
Join Z Puppets for a Creative Social Distance Event! 1 Shari Aronson at 3:13pm, Mar 16