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Topics in Minneapolis Northeast Neighbors Forum
  Topic Posts Latest Post
  Introductions 38 Mandy Tempel at 7:18pm, May 26, 2013
MN Covid Solutions Facebook Group - Tech/Innovation community meets civic leaders 1 Steven Clift at 2:51pm, Mar 20, 2020
Support K-12 youth as they build literacy and academic skills! 1 Volunteer Coordinator at 1:26pm, Nov 14, 2019
Teach English to your neighbors! No experience needed. 2 Volunteer Coordinator at 7:36pm, Jul 24, 2019
Lost pet banded pigeon? 1 Gayle Bonneville at 3:08am, Jun 29, 2019
Become a Summer Reads Tutor! 1 Volunteer Coordinator at 3:41pm, May 03, 2019
Come to the Minnesota Literacy Council's Journeys Readings! 1 Volunteer Coordinator at 6:39pm, Mar 27, 2019
Renaming Parkways 1 Gayle Bonneville at 12:43am, Mar 24, 2019
Klobuchar Announcement at Boom Island Sunday 1 Bill Kahn at 1:52am, Feb 10, 2019
Help Narrow Down the Park's Superintendent Search 1 Liz Wielinski at 5:19pm, Sep 08, 2018
Volunteer Sept 19: Mighty Spark Meal Packing Event - Downtown East/Elliot Park Area 1 Steven Clift at 9:49pm, Sep 07, 2018
Support adults as they build literacy skills! 1 Volunteer Coordinator at 5:45pm, Aug 03, 2018
Leave: Subject: unsubscribe 1 Jason Whittemore at 3:54pm, Jul 19, 2018
Movie Night + Community Panel Discussion at Minnesota Literacy Council: I Learn America 1 Volunteer Coordinator at 3:52pm, Jul 19, 2018
Teach English (ESL) to your neighbors! 1 Volunteer Coordinator at 5:40pm, Feb 19, 2018
Meet people from around the world while helping them build literacy skills to thrive in the United States. 1 Volunteer Coordinator at 6:42pm, Dec 29, 2017
4 spots still open for 2/15 Green Zones focus group 1 Gayle Bonneville at 8:09pm, Feb 13, 2017
Reading Partners -- Last call for volunteers this school year! 1 Kelly Rynda at 10:21pm, Feb 08, 2017
2017 MayDay Community Meetings 1 Meg Walsh at 9:03pm, Feb 03, 2017
Seeking to buy or rent a duplex in NE 1 Julie DuRose at 5:13pm, Feb 03, 2017