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Topics in Minneapolis Longfellow Community Neighbors Forum
  Topic Posts Latest Post
  Introductions 78 Bruce Piltz at 10:38pm, Feb 09, 2017
  What do you love about Longfellow? 53 Maryanna Harstad at 8:21pm, Dec 12, 2014
Legislative Update: Staying Home, the Census, Distance Learning and more 1 Jim Davnie at 6:48pm, Apr 05
Join the small business bingo 3 Hal Davis at 8:45pm, Apr 04
[Longfellow] Join the small business bingo 1 Sheldon Mains at 11:03pm, Apr 03
Extend the Pedestrian zone along West River Parkway from downtown to Minnehaha Falls! 1 Gerry Tyrrell at 4:22pm, Mar 30
Legislative update: The Capitol responds to COVID-19 1 Jim Davnie at 6:13pm, Mar 28
Help Edit! South Minneapolis business status & support 2 Hal Davis at 1:17am, Mar 22
Legislative Update: Unemployment Insurance and legislative action 1 Jim Davnie at 3:30pm, Mar 21
MN Covid Solutions Facebook Group - Tech/Innovation community meets civic leaders 1 Steven Clift at 2:56pm, Mar 20
Legislative update: Lots going on 3 Hal Davis at 5:22pm, Mar 17
[Mpls-StanEric] The future of Neighborhood Associations 1 bev turk at 12:03am, Mar 16
Community Meeting on Future Funding Guidelines for Neighborhood Organizations 2 Cam Gordon at 8:33pm, Mar 11
St. Helena School Open House - March 12 1 Steven Clift at 11:14pm, Mar 09
Repair and skim coat ceiling 1 Janice Bisch at 5:02pm, Feb 29
Legislative newsletter - Session kicks off 1 Jim Davnie at 2:40pm, Feb 25
Redesign Executive Director Transition Happy Hour 1 Brigid Higgins at 10:22pm, Feb 07
Saturday Feb 15 Restorative Justice fundraiser 1 Michele Braley at 6:09pm, Feb 07
Yes! Time for light rail ambassadors and fare enforcement 1 Steven Clift at 12:24am, Feb 06
Re USI 3 Clyde Cutting at 5:39pm, Feb 04