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Topics in Minneapolis Kingfield Neighbors Forum
  Topic Posts Latest Post
  Kingfield Neighbors Forum: Introductions 3 Jack Ferman at 8:07pm, Aug 01, 2012
FREE env. program during spring break at your local park! 1 Neighborhood Naturalists (Christine Gamm) at 2:59pm, Mar 30
Arne Fogel and the Wolverines 1 Alice Evenson at 3:42pm, Mar 09
Phil Aaron Trio 1 Alice Evenson at 1:25pm, Feb 08
Holiday Concert Tomorrow (Saturday) 1 Alice Evenson at 10:16pm, Dec 08
FREE Concert this Saturday! 1 Alice Evenson at 6:17pm, Dec 05
Fri Dec 8 - DFL Gubernatorial Candidate Forum in South Minneapolis 1 Steven Clift at 10:47pm, Nov 30
Community Bazaar 1 Alice Evenson at 7:20pm, Nov 18
[kingfield] Forum Deceased 1 Steven Clift at 6:15pm, Aug 12, 2017
Forum Deceased 1 Jack Ferman at 6:05pm, Aug 12, 2017
[kingfield] This forum alive and well 1 Steven Clift at 7:33pm, Apr 22, 2017
This forum alive and well 1 Jack Ferman at 7:18pm, Apr 22, 2017
Here Comes the Sun: 43rd MayDay Fundraiser 1 Meg Walsh at 2:42pm, Mar 15, 2017
Music Animated with Dreamland Faces at In the Heart of the Beast Theatre` 1 Meg Walsh at 6:01pm, Feb 21, 2017
2017 MayDay Community Meetings 1 Meg Walsh at 9:02pm, Feb 03, 2017
Thank you forum supporters! Donation bonus by Dec 31 1 Steven Clift at 4:03pm, Dec 24, 2016
Kids Voting Minneapolis -- Call for Volunteers 1 Steven Clift at 1:05pm, Oct 14, 2016
Puppet Cabaret September 16! 1 Meg Walsh at 6:28pm, Sep 14, 2016
September Happenings at In the Heart of the Beast 1 Meg Walsh at 6:34pm, Sep 06, 2016
Open Streets Lyndale Volunteer Deadline Approaching! 1 Karlie Cole at 11:13pm, May 29, 2016