Topics in Minneapolis Bryant Neighbors

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Topics in Minneapolis Bryant Neighbors
  Topic Posts Latest Post
  Introductions 14 Nathan RP Young at 7:08pm, Jul 16, 2014
South Minneapolis Black History Film: Lost Negroes of North America 1 Chip Gehring at 3:33pm, Feb 08
Meet people from around the world while helping them build literacy skills to thrive in the United States. 1 Volunteer Coordinator at 4:51am, Dec 30
Fri Dec 8 - DFL Gubernatorial Candidate Forum in South Minneapolis 1 Steven Clift at 10:46pm, Nov 30
Help adults gain essential literacy skills. Volunteer as an Adult Literacy Tutor! 2 Wendy Vang Roberts at 10:24pm, Oct 27
Seward BOD- only a few days of voting left 1 Amy Swenson at 5:41pm, Oct 18
Metropolitan Airports Commission MSP Noise E-News Update 1 Michael Kehoe at 1:46am, Oct 11
Z Puppets Rosenschnoz is hiring! 2 Chris Griffith at 9:42pm, Oct 05
Upcoming Seward Co-op BOD Events 1 Amy Swenson at 9:20pm, Oct 04
Seward Co-op BOD Election, Please Vote 1 Amy Swenson at 6:00pm, Sep 28
Incredibly Grateful To The Person That 1 Anonymous User at 6:46pm, Sep 26
Walgreens 4 Steven Clift at 8:20pm, Sep 16
Saturday: Poetry Writing Workshop at Hosmer Library 1 Chip Gehring at 3:00am, Aug 05
TODAY!: Autism Presentation and Sensory Toy Workshop at Hosmer Library 1 Chip Gehring at 1:56pm, Jul 09
Block Party with the People's Movement Center tomorrow 5-10p 1 alejandra Tobar Alatriz at 10:55pm, Jul 07
TransFabulous Writing Workshop Series 1 Chip Gehring at 7:15pm, Jun 29
Interactive Black History Event on Sunday 1 Chip Gehring at 5:45pm, May 25
History of Housing Discrimination and Integration in South Minneapolis 1 Chip Gehring at 10:51pm, Feb 23, 2017
Training Feb 9: For People of Color about Neighborhood Board representation 1 Steven Clift at 2:05pm, Feb 02, 2017