Minnesota Voices Online Charter

The Blandin Foundation and E-Democracy.Org are partnering to promote and support the use of new media tools and strategies so every rural Minnesota community can share its voice in the Internet age. Together, we’re offering this space - Minnesota Voices Online - to help Minnesotans using new media technologies connect and learn from one another. WHO SHOULD JOIN - If you are a Minnesotan telling the story of Minnesota, your local community or community of interest – whether it be through a blog, online forum, or wiki – whether it be using audio, text, photos, video or mapping or working for a media organization that’s engaging the public in digital reporting – this is your space to learn about, debate and discuss the topics that most interest you. We will use the learning to help inform the planning of a Minnesota Rural Voices Unconference, scheduled for April 2009.


The goals of Minnesota Voices Online are:

  • Spreading the use of citizen media to rural communities across Minnesota
  • Sharing lessons
  • Asking questions

Typical Topics

Topics that you might find here to discuss include:

  • Practical exchange on tools - geeky is fine
  • Policy talk - wonky is fine
  • Forwarding useful information from citizen media/online news/online engagement blogs, forums, social networks
  • Announcing new or updated local Web 2.0 sites

Participation Rules

By taking part in this forum, you accept the full rules of the forum.

Highlighted rules:

  • You must join to view or share content.
  • This is an "off the record" exchange where posts may only be forwarded with the permission of the author.
  • As a special online space, not a general Issues Forum, E-Democracy.Org's rules do not apply. The hosts have full discretion and may update these rules at anytime.
  • Participants upon prior notification of E-Democracy.Org register under an alias for their Display Name. They may NOT use that account to post to any other forum on this site.

Forum Manager

The Forum Manager in Minnesota Voices Online is Steven Clift.

The volunteer Forum Manager is responsible for the general health and well-being of the forum. The Forum Manager shall:

  • enforce forum rules
  • respond to participant questions
  • listen to complaints or concerns
  • encourage active participation
  • maintain respectful tone of discussion

If you have any questions or concerns about the Minnesota Voices Online, please contact us at:

Membership and Roles

The Minnesota Voices Online Home Page shows the parts of Minnesota Voices Online that can be seen and contributed to by members and non-members.

You are not a member of Minnesota Voices Online. However, you can join Minnesota Voices Online.

Who runs this Forum?

This forum in managed by Ann Treacy and hosted by the Blandin Foundation and E-Democracy.Org. Jennifer Armstrong is leading outreach efforts.