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Topics in Minnesota Politics and Issues Forum
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not getting posts..... 5 Jack Ferman at 8:14pm, Jun 24
Accuse First and Investigate later? Is That the Way They Want to be Treated? 3 CJ Sparrow at 3:59am, Jun 18
[Mpls] Can Minneapolis require a plastic bag charge instead? 1 Jim Graham at 4:51am, Jun 02
Karen Clark and Raymond Dehn on a hunger strike 2 Ron Leurquin at 1:15pm, May 26
[Mpls] Karen Clark and Raymond Dehn on a hunger strike 1 Debra Ramage at 12:06am, May 26
Cinco de Mayo 1 Jack Ferman at 2:38pm, May 05
My take on the ninth ward convention 2 Wizard Marks at 2:50pm, May 03
Sorry wrong post 1 David Tilsen at 2:52am, May 03
Minnesota Pollution Control Agency Strategic Directions Survey 2017 1 Sheldon Gitis at 12:49am, Apr 28
somali refugees ... from phoenix to minnesota 1 Cheryl Luger at 9:27pm, Apr 27
Two meetings in Mpls this week: "Environmental Justice" and garbage incineration. 1 Alan Muller at 9:47pm, Apr 24
Where's the data to explain differences in MN vs. WI state budgets? 1 Steven Clift at 3:45pm, Apr 19
From Star Tribune: Bureau of Mediation Services commissioner died Tuesday 3 Laura Waterman Wittstock at 7:14pm, Apr 18
Pot or PolyMet? Consultant to review PolyMet financing. 1 Sheldon Gitis at 2:28pm, Apr 17
DOJ Allegation: Young Minnesota girls taken out of state for mutilation by their parents 12 Jonna Connelly at 6:14am, Apr 15
Minn law on female genital mutilation 2 Frederica Scobey at 1:53am, Apr 15
Now here is a really important development 2 Marc Asch at 8:01pm, Apr 14
Fentanyl and Oxi-Contin manufacturers lobby to block cannabis legalization 8 Sheldon Gitis at 1:55am, Apr 12
Tina Liebling, a Ray of Hope 1 Sheldon Gitis at 5:52am, Apr 06
Media advisory: Highly potent new drug causes overdoses 16 Marc Asch at 2:15am, Apr 05