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Topics in Minnesota Politics and Issues Forum
  Topic Posts Latest Post
Progressive Push Statewide Impact of Our Revolution 1 Shawn Towle at 10:41pm, Jan 08
Pricing PolyMet's water requirements 1 Sheldon Gitis at 6:24pm, Jan 05
Possible Michele Bachmann Candidacy for US Senate 2 John Gaylord at 2:53pm, Jan 04
Holy sexual harassment, Batman! 3 Sheldon Gitis at 5:23pm, Jan 03
Improper billing of Medicaid / Medical Assistance by pharmacies 4 Doug Mann at 8:53pm, Dec 29
Franken Thank you 2 Sheldon Gitis at 6:15pm, Dec 29
DIY Disaster 7 John Gaylord at 5:20pm, Dec 28
[Mpls] Significant revelation about BCA 10 Alan Muller at 5:00pm, Dec 19
Minn. cities want a break as they face costly sewer work, new rules 4 Bill Kahn at 8:03pm, Dec 18
Net Neutrality 5 Jack Ferman at 8:15pm, Dec 16
Significant revelation about BCA 1 Jordan Kushner at 6:14pm, Dec 16
Placeholder or not 13 Pat Byrne at 5:23pm, Dec 15
Dayton 4 Bill Kahn at 11:31pm, Dec 14
More Amy & Tina 1 Shawn Towle at 10:23pm, Dec 14
senator franken replacement appointee -- Alan Page ? 9 Jonna Connelly at 7:28pm, Dec 12
Sexual Harassment at the State of Minnesota 1 John Gaylord at 6:12pm, Dec 12
Meet at the saloon! Bring a rope! We're gonna hang Al Franken! 19 Sheldon Gitis at 5:36pm, Dec 12
[Mpls] Franken's Decision 9 Trish Brock at 11:51pm, Dec 09
Superintendent Miller announces resignation from Minneapolis Park and Recreation Board 4 Ron Leurquin at 6:58pm, Dec 08
Virtual Participatory Budgeting Guest Speaker on Tue Dec 5 1 Alan Muller at 4:45pm, Dec 06