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Topics in Minnesota Politics and Issues Forum
  Topic Posts Latest Post
Long-term MSP Plan Too Long Delayed 3 Jim Spensley at 12:44pm, Sep 20
Public Radio on TV? 1 Steven Clift at 12:51pm, Sep 16
The University of Minnesota Rouser--Analyzed 2 Jim Spensley at 12:35pm, Sep 08
Heads Up: Avoid this genetic testing scam 1 Jack Ferman at 5:29pm, Sep 04
Not seeing messages 1 Jack Ferman at 1:35am, Aug 28
Southern Poverty Law Center listing for Minnesota 1 Jack Ferman at 9:54pm, Aug 09
LNG by rail! From Physicians for Social Responsibility 1 Alan Muller at 4:46pm, Aug 07
New Way to Pay Our Representatives? 1 Ed Davis at 6:11pm, Jul 13
Fully-fund the MNLARS revamp with a cannabis tax 1 Sheldon Gitis at 2:18pm, May 04
Gov. Walz, scrap and replace 1 Sheldon Gitis at 3:26pm, May 02
Xcel garbage burner burns.... 1 Alan Muller at 10:31pm, Apr 09
40th anniversary of the Three Mile Island nuclear meltdown.... 10 Alan Muller at 7:36pm, Apr 04
Dems and Republicans can’t agree on what a spending ‘cut’ is 8 John Gaylord at 6:02pm, Apr 04
Dems and Republicans can???t agree on wha t a spending ???cut??? is 2 Dave Garland at 4:39am, Apr 03
Goodbye Bill 1 Sheldon Gitis at 3:54pm, Mar 19
undisputed beneficiaries 1 Sheldon Gitis at 3:22pm, Mar 13
Illegal marijuana wins stamp of approval 1 Sheldon Gitis at 4:01pm, Mar 12
Ilhan Omar’s Microaggression 4 Sheldon Gitis at 6:17pm, Mar 10
Ilhan Omar’s Microaggression 1 Papa John Kolstad at 2:31am, Mar 10
Ilhan Omar’s Microaggression 1 Alan Muller at 5:49pm, Mar 09