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Topics in Minnesota Politics and Issues Forum
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Met Council Transportation Advisory Board “Build Your Budget” misrepresentation 2 Sheldon Gitis at 7:53pm, Aug 27
MN GOP Gov challenger bobagain to Mainstream Media: “tell Minnesota there ARE choices in all 4 major party primaries for Governor - not doing this entrenches a de facto monopoly of big money and special interests - of course, we need Ranked Choice Voting” 2 Ed Davis at 4:40am, Aug 06
FarmFest candidate forums, Gov Walz and Senator/ MD Jensen just spoke 5 E Lindsay at 2:11pm, Aug 05
MN GOP Gov challenger bobagain updates website with “massive detailed content”; new Lt Gov Captain Jack Sparrow video - focus is on “radical climate solutions” - site offers 3 bobagain Kindle e-books free thru 8/8; web traffic suggests “significant vote” 1 Bob Carney Jr. at 6:34pm, Aug 04
To Minnesota Politics and Issues Forum members and readers regarding my campaign for Lt. Governor of the state of Minnesota 1 CJ Sparrow at 12:49am, Aug 03
Victory in line three legal case 6 Alan Muller at 4:03pm, Jul 15
Legal THC and Outlawed Weed 1 Sheldon Gitis at 4:21pm, Jun 16
Jensen and Putin 2 Bob Carney Jr. at 11:10pm, May 05
BLM is Not Political? 8 Chuck Turchick at 6:32pm, May 05
47-year old Female Substance Abuse Counselor Treats Inmate 1 Sheldon Gitis at 2:58pm, Mar 26
UnitedHealthcare Medicare junk mail: Is this or is this not fraud? 2 Sheldon Gitis at 8:34pm, Mar 09
Do my Legislators belong to the MN Health Plan Caucus? 7 Marc Asch at 3:13pm, Mar 05
Prohibition of Cannabis: A drug deal and a police raid waiting to go wrong. 2 Sheldon Gitis at 5:38am, Feb 14
The Walz administration's war against democracy and public health 1 Doug Mann at 1:51am, Nov 22, 2021
Prescribing drugs - for patients or profits? 1 Sheldon Gitis at 8:57pm, Oct 28, 2021
U.S. boarding schools for Indians had a hidden agenda: Stealing land 1 Alan Muller at 3:35pm, Aug 29, 2021
LINE 3: Canadian Tar Sands Oil 1 Susu Jeffrey at 11:27am, Jul 24, 2021
6/22 Public Meeting for Draft 2022-25 Transportation Improvement Program 1 Sheldon Gitis at 5:03pm, Jun 21, 2021
Letter from some MN legislators about Palestine.... 1 Alan Muller at 4:43pm, May 17, 2021
Lying??? 1 Pat Byrne at 1:37am, May 05, 2021