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Neighbors telling a story over the fence
Welcome to the Locals Online - For hosts of neighborhood e-lists, placeblogs, and community social networks.

Join over 340 peers working to connect local people online. Read the Introductions and then add your own. Use this peer to peer online group to share your experience, advice, and exchange ideas.

This online community includes "hosts" of neighborhood e-mail lists, place blogs, community web forums, building or block-level social networking groups, hyper-local online communities, and online journalism sites designed for active community participation.

Our wiki directory on social media in local public life presents the field as does the Pew Internet and American Life Project's Neighbors Online study.

Support for Locals Online provided by the Knight Foundation

Through the end of 2014, this online community of practice will receive special online facilitation support from E-Democracy.org as part of the knowledge sharing strategy of their Inclusive Community Engagement Online initiative.

Locals Online is the place to land to share lessons across our field. After late 2012, additional webinars and other training will be made available.

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