LocalLabs - Technology Development for Local Participation, Community and Transparency


Welcome to LocalLabs - Technology Development for Local Participation, Community and Transparency

Join LocalLabs for exchange among over 250 software coders and designers who care about all things local. 

Developing technology to promote transparency, build community engagement, and innovate with local public and community media at the local level (on up) are all within scope. 

This is the international "local up" network for those proudly geek, open source-oriented, and passionately local. 

This exchange was launched as a complement to the Sunlight Labs Google Group which is more nationally focused. Note other online groups in our civic tech community including mySociety's (UK) list and specific project groups at Code for America and Civic Commons.

Co-sponsored by E-Democracy.org, OpenPlans.org, and "your group here." To co-sponsor contact: team@e-democracy.org

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