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Welcome to the Norbiton Neighbours Forum! 

Join Now - Open now!

The neighbourly place to share information, discuss local issues, find solutions and build a vibrant community. 

This forum is part of OneNorbiton and hosted in cooperation with E-Democracy. We are now open for business. Please encourage your friends and neighbours to join up.

We seek to build an inclusive and open forum that reflects the dynamic diversity of our community as we build bridges among neighbours of different backgrounds be they racial, economic, educational, etc. Together we are stronger.

Discuss and Share

  •  Community issues and ideas
  •  Crime and safety
  •  Schools, parks, local environment
  •  Local business service recommendations
  •  Family and youth activities
  •  Help neighbours in need
  •  Local stories and history
  •  Find supporters for a community project

Announce - For Free!

  •  Community and cultural events
  •  Free stuff
  •  Lost or found pets
  •  New small businesses
  •  Local news, photos, video
  •  Elected official updates

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