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Topics in Digital Inclusion Network
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[Inclusion] Some happy news to share - student success story 5 fleeta j at 1:28pm, Oct 12
Some happy news to share - student success story 1 Phil Shapiro at 7:40pm, Oct 11
Getting girls interested in coding - short tale 1 Phil Shapiro at 11:24am, Oct 09
Central PA Open Source Conference - Nov 4, 2017 1 Phil Shapiro at 8:56pm, Oct 04 makes some courses free every week 1 Phil Shapiro at 9:17am, Oct 04
Wireless N USB adapter - free after rebate from 1 Phil Shapiro at 10:32am, Sep 29
Windows 10 computers for under $100 on eBay 1 Phil Shapiro at 3:10pm, Sep 27
an event to address digital inclusion / design accessibility 1 Jayne Cravens at 12:40am, Sep 27
Very favorable review of PDFCreator 3 - free - Windows 1 Phil Shapiro at 7:00pm, Sep 22
Interesting new book - Helping Children Succeed 1 Phil Shapiro at 4:49am, Sep 21
Free online computer science class for high school students - Kapor Center for Social Impact 1 Phil Shapiro at 11:35am, Sep 18
Upcoming TEDx event in Princeton next month looks very interesting 1 Phil Shapiro at 11:17am, Sep 15 - Disrupt Inequity Hack for Change Event - Sep 23-34 - St. Paul, MN 1 Steven Clift at 8:05am, Sep 15
Informing Strategic Investment in Digital Equity: Cleveland Cuyahoga County 1 Angela Siefer at 1:22pm, Sep 11
New song - "I'm Just an eHobo" 1 Phil Shapiro at 8:14am, Sep 11
"How Linux and makerspaces can strengthen our social fabric" 1 Phil Shapiro at 12:34am, Sep 06
Book review - Google Docs & Drive in 30 Mins 1 Phil Shapiro at 1:07pm, Aug 30
[Inclusion] Starting a Girls Who Code club 1 Adrian Walker at 6:15pm, Aug 29
Starting a Girls Who Code club 1 Phil Shapiro at 4:19pm, Aug 29
Low-power community radio station at Fort Wayne public library 1 Phil Shapiro at 11:23pm, Aug 25