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Topics in Digital Inclusion Network
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Reviving an EeePC using Linux 1 Phil Shapiro at 11:34am, May 03
M1 Mac laptops and desktops will create a wave of donated Intel iMacs 1 Phil Shapiro at 11:00pm, May 19, 2021
Talented designer Roland L. Taylor is streaming Inkscape on Twitch 1 Phil Shapiro at 2:04pm, May 05, 2021
NPR is seeking audio comments on their 50th anniversay 1 Phil Shapiro at 9:44pm, May 01, 2021
Verizon Reskilling Program announced (in partnership with Jobs for the Future) 1 Phil Shapiro at 5:08pm, Apr 22, 2021
FCC announces free webinar for Emergency Broadband Benefit - April 27, 2021 - 3 pm EST 1 Phil Shapiro at 3:41pm, Apr 17, 2021
This Right to Repair YouTube channel is heading towards 2 million subscribers 1 Phil Shapiro at 1:34pm, Apr 15, 2021
Philly Inquirer article - "He makes old laptops new again and gives them away" - Hai Thai, software engineer 1 Phil Shapiro at 4:09am, Apr 10, 2021
One of my 9th grade students, Mahfuz Salifh, is flourishing 1 Phil Shapiro at 1:28am, Jan 24, 2021
DaVinci Resolve email list formed (DC metro area) 1 Phil Shapiro at 9:55pm, Dec 26, 2020
This is the free learning materials I'm putting on refurbished computers these days 1 Phil Shapiro at 6:58pm, Dec 21, 2020
Are any refurbishers including open education textbooks on refurbished computeres? 1 Phil Shapiro at 6:26am, Dec 01, 2020
"Hell Yes, CSS" zine being given away to those who cannot affford it (500 copies) 1 Phil Shapiro at 7:58pm, Nov 15, 2020
What are the most useful computer topics to teach online? 2 Martin Wolske at 11:50am, Oct 21, 2020
[Inclusion] What are the most useful computer topics to teach online? 1 fleeta j at 11:48am, Oct 21, 2020
New video book revew -- created using Zoom 1 Phil Shapiro at 4:34am, Oct 08, 2020
Wireless community mesh network builder in Baltimore - Adam Bouhmad 1 Phil Shapiro at 8:02pm, Sep 12, 2020
Four slots open in free screencasting class Sunday, Aug 30 -- 3 pm to 4 pm eastern time 1 Phil Shapiro at 4:11pm, Aug 27, 2020
[Inclusion] FoxClone - a Linux based image backup, restore and clone tool 2 Jayne Cravens at 10:40pm, Aug 21, 2020
Plattercide - I will never be comfortable with it 1 Phil Shapiro at 2:02pm, Aug 20, 2020