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Topics in Framingham Government Forum - FramGov - Massachusetts
  Topic Posts Latest Post
  Posting Guidelines and Forum Management 6 Linda Dunbrack at 2:23pm, Apr 15
  Introductions: Building Community 32 Deborah Butler at 3:47am, Feb 08, 2016
ADMIN: Please Read Elections Discussion Rules 4 Linda Dunbrack at 12:39am
FPD in the news again 3 Jim Divver at 7:37pm, May 27
Literary devices 6 Linda Dunbrack at 3:55pm, May 27
Salary Issue 9 John Dwyer at 4:50am, May 26
Self-inflicted wound could spell trouble 8 Rich Shapiro at 1:48am, May 26
keyser Soze for mayor 1 Walter Siggins at 1:20am, May 26
Yvonne Spicer Do you Condone Cyber Bullying? 13 Lloyd Kaye at 11:01pm, May 25
Let's see where the rubber meets the road 13 William LaBarge at 3:43am, May 25
Gleaning motive from video 20 Dave Hornfischer at 9:54pm, May 24
Yvonne Spicer - Framingham's first Mayoral candidate certified for the ballot 2 Lloyd Kaye at 9:46pm, May 24
Since when is vandalism a "misunderstanding"? 7 Elise Bauman Snow at 7:46pm, May 24
Testing 1 2 3 2 Steven Clift at 8:01am, May 24
FOX 10 PM News Covers Stefanini Video 1 Deborah Butler at 3:27am, May 23
For our vets,,,,,,,,,,,,, 1 Walter Siggins at 9:54pm, May 21
Butler's L2E appears in MWDN Sunday Issue John Stefanini 2 Jim Divver at 9:18pm, May 21
Butler launches "The Framingham Onion" - Political Satire 4 Walter Siggins at 9:42pm, May 20
"Vigilante without a Cause" awaits word on his role in Petition Gate 1 Deborah Butler at 2:03pm, May 20
A Reminder: League of Women Voters meeting 1 Jim Pillsbury at 9:52pm, May 19