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The Eau Claire Community Forum is an ongoing on-line discussion about community life in the greater Eau Claire area and the health of our local democracy. Your Backyard Fence On-line - where neighbors chat with neighbors - city wide.


Effective democracy begins with the conversations people have about their self-interests and their shared interests in their community.

The goal of the Eau Claire Community Forum is to give everyone a greater voice in the discussions that affect the community, to increase civic engagement, and to encourage more input into public responses to local problems and needs.

The Eau Claire Community Forum is also a place where local community members can have conversations regarding everyday local topics, ranging from local service experiences and recommendations or lost pet notices to announcements of neighborhood and community events or discussions of crime and community safety. 

You can discuss if there should be a chicken in every pot or a few chickens in a few back yards... if a one way street would serve our downtown & pedestrians better than a two way street.... or what you thought of last Tuesdays FREE concert at Owen Park.  You are the Eau Claire Community Forum. 

Sign up now - Feel free to explore - sign in to make comments .... and invite your friends and neighbors.

This is the Eau Claire Community Forum... your input is invited and welcome.

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  • About Issues Forums - The "on-line town hall" model from our host E-Democracy.org - Your Backyard Fence On-line......
  • Contact - To get involved with forum outreach, contact Ken Fulgione, our local volunteer Forum Manager

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