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Topics in CURA Civic Technology Incubator Collaboration Space
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GeoCode:2.0 and archiving this forum 1 Kristen Murray at 8:09pm, Feb 29, 2016
Please join the Open Twin Cities Google Group/E-Newsletter - Closing CURA Tech Group 1 Steven Clift at 6:36pm, Feb 29, 2016
Big idea - Surfacing local candidates on social media? Come to Open Twin Cities Meetup Tue Apr 28 1 Steven Clift at 6:20pm, Apr 24, 2015
Minneapolis Hosting Open Data Forum April 27th 1 Bill Bushey at 7:03pm, Apr 21, 2015
Hennepin County Geo:Code - Two upcoming open data/open gov/open data events 1 Bill Bushey at 8:55pm, Jan 22, 2015
St. Paul Happy Hour Wed Sept 10 - Civic Innovation Mixer - Meet Code for America, Open Twin Cities, E-Democracy and more #opengov 1 Steven Clift at 5:33pm, Sep 08, 2014
New Documentary - Forbidden Fruit: Hidden Gems of the Northside 1 Kristen Murray at 5:16pm, Sep 04, 2014
CURA:Tech Demo Day - Tues, Sept 16 2 Steven Clift at 4:32pm, Sep 04, 2014
Open Twin Cities meetup next week 1 Kristen Murray at 4:33pm, Jul 16, 2014
Aug 4: CURA Housing Forum on open data and rental housing 1 Kristen Murray at 1:19pm, Jul 11, 2014
upcoming civic tech events: you're invited! 2 Steven Clift at 1:47pm, Jun 17, 2014
"Engagement Tech for All" webinar 2 Kristen Murray at 12:27pm, Jun 11, 2014
USA Today article on Open Data and Hackathons 1 Bill Bushey at 4:01pm, Jun 05, 2014
Hack for MN 2014 - June 21st and 22nd at The Nerdery 1 Bill Bushey at 5:10pm, May 28, 2014
Local Start-Up and Emergency Responders Using Tech 1 John Bailey at 3:45am, May 22, 2014
N. Mpls 2nd Annual Digital Empowerment Conference on Saturday, June 7th, 2014 1 Steven Clift at 3:04pm, May 17, 2014
transparency and Mpls crime data 1 Kristen Murray at 3:00am, May 07, 2014
CURA:Tech - proposals due May 11, and some additional info 2 Kristen Murray at 7:07pm, May 06, 2014
upcoming Technology Literacy Collaborative meet-up 1 Kristen Murray at 4:49pm, Apr 30, 2014
Tonight: City of Mpls Open Data community forum 1 Kristen Murray at 1:43pm, Apr 30, 2014