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For inclusive community exchange, announcements, and news for the Cass Lake Leech Lake area.

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Welcome to the Cass Lake Leech Lake Community Forum - Over 300 Members Strong

Aaniin. Boozhoo. Welcome.

This inclusive forum is a place to share community news and announcements, discuss local happenings, and build community. It is a welcoming bridge among Native and non-Native American community members.

The updates come conveniently to your email, are on this website, or you can lightly follow on Facebook.

Using real names with civility is required. Everyone with an interest in seeing the communities of the Cass Lake Leech Lake area thrive is welcome to be a member. 

The goal of this forum is to provide a neutral, non-threatening place to voice opinions and share our collective wisdom about the many issues faced by our interconnected communities.

Join now, introduce yourself, and participate via e-mail or the web. Miigwech. More ...

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