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Topics in CityCamp Exchange - The Global Local Open Government Community
  Topic Posts Latest Post
  Introductions 148 Bill Haight at 5:55pm, Nov 19, 2013
Tech Tuesday Free Webinar: Digital Democracy and Participatory Budgeting Tools - Feb 13 1 Steven Clift at 4:45pm, Feb 12, 2018
FT: The world watches Reykjavik’s digital democracy experiment - Participatory Budgeting 2 Steven Clift at 6:02pm, Nov 28, 2017
Public Good App House Festival - Free 3 Day Event in DC - Nov 13-15 - DoWire/EDem 2 Steven Clift at 6:15pm, Nov 13, 2017
Hack for Change - Disrupt Inequity event in Saint Paul, Minnesota - National Day of Civic Hacking #hackforchange #ndoch 2 Steven Clift at 3:13pm, Sep 23, 2017
CityCampNC Sept 28-30th 1 Steven Clift at 12:29pm, Sep 18, 2017
#PDF17 Watch Live - June 8-9 from NYC 1 Steven Clift at 2:13pm, Jun 08, 2017
Why SF is planning a citywide fiber network 1 Jay Nath at 5:01pm, Apr 28, 2017
Would you be willing to create an online townhall for your city? Bring Americans together local-up? 1 Steven Clift at 9:48pm, Dec 02, 2016
Unix/Linux eBooks deal and Code for America ... Humble Bundle fundraiser! PLS RT 1 Steven Clift at 11:17pm, Nov 27, 2016
You're Invited to Startup In Residence 2016 Demo Day // September 16th 1 Jay Nath at 5:52pm, Aug 31, 2016
Share Your Innovation Stories with Living Cities 1 Steven Clift at 11:39pm, Aug 11, 2016
Apply Now // Lead strategy to build 21st century digital tools for San Francisco City Gov 1 Jay Nath at 9:15pm, Jul 11, 2016
Startup in Residence applications due this Monday 2/29 5pm PST 1 Jay Nath at 5:25pm, Feb 26, 2016
We’re Extending the STIR DEADLINE to Feb 29th and Introducing a New Civic Challenge Statement. 1 Jay Nath at 6:14pm, Feb 18, 2016
1 WK to APPLY! 1 Jay Nath at 7:34pm, Feb 12, 2016
APPLY BY FEBRUARY 18TH to be a Startup in Residence and help us tackle one of 27 civic challenges. 1 Jay Nath at 7:27pm, Feb 02, 2016
Paper: When Does ICT-Enabled Citizen Voice Lead to Government Responsiveness? World Bank Digital Dividends Background Report 1 Steven Clift at 4:40pm, Jan 28, 2016
Ranking America's most future-ready cities - Dell 1 Steven Clift at 1:27pm, Jan 25, 2016
Apply Now - Build 21st century digital tools for San Francisco City Hall 1 Jay Nath at 10:07pm, Jan 19, 2016