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Are you passionate about connecting those who live nearest you?

Block Connectors is a focused online group for block leaders, community/social connectors, crime prevention volunteers, etc. active at the block or even building level

If you are interested in useful two-way exchange with fellow inspired block-active people, this non-profit hosted online group is for you. You may participate via e-mail or web.

We will share general tips on:

Our goal here is to help each other succeed at connecting neighbors. This online community is technology neutral and will allow us to compare experiences with many online tools.

This online group is open to anyone active on their block or in their building as well as those looking to get started. You might also be the "online volunteer" helping your block leader with communications or some active city-wide in efforts to promote block-level community organizing or crime prevention.

We take the perspective that necessary responses to crime often bring neighbors together, but that building broader community and social connections among nearest neighbors is vital.

Invite Others

Special Outreach - St. Paul, Minneapolis, and Beyond

E-Democracy hosts 30+ very public online "Neighbors Forums" often covering 5,000 or more residents.

We will pilot complementary private "electronic block clubs" using various in-person outreach strategies and various online tools. We also seek to connect those already using tools like YahooGroups or Facebook Groups to help everyone regardless of the platform.

Anyone around the world active on their block or in their building is welcome here, just expect some intensive exchange related to St. Paul in particular.


In addition to this main forum, we have a "how to" use Facebook Groups at the block-level sub-group and plan to create other technology specific places people doing similar online work can join to share tips specific to their preferred hosting technology. General "what to do" with it exchange is best posted here on the main group.

The scope for "nearest neighbors" is typically well under 100 households. Those active at the neighborhood or community-wide level should join the Locals Online community of practice

This online group is part of E-Democracy's Inclusive Community Engagement Online initiative funded by the Knight Foundation.

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