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Are you interested in what we're doing to push the field of Civic Technology forward? If so, check out our Civic Tech Projects for opportunities to use technology to solve community problems (multiple platforms) and code in GroupServer.

Local Forums - Help make your Neighbors Forum Happen!

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We are looking for individuals to fill these roles in specific local community forums. Roles and responsibilities may be combined based on your interests and time. 

You may also use our volunteer form to offer your skills to organization-wide needs from technology development to design to social media marketing. 

Local Forum Manager

This forum volunteer engages the forum by monitoring announcements and discussions, encouraging participation, and objectively enforcing the forum rules that maintain civility. As a forum leader, they work in conjunction with E-Democracy staff to involve forum volunteers in generating community value from the forum. Details.

Neighbor Greeter

This personable volunteer is the kind of the person who brings cookies over to the new neighbor in the “real world.” Their role is to invite, welcome and support new forum members. They are an outreach ambassador at community events and help build a welcoming atmosphere on the forum. This volunteer would also assist the local Forum Manager. Details.

Community Reporter

This information-seeking volunteer has a passion for community news, happenings, and history. They monitor, read and share news and announcements from different sources that have local relevance. They might also love sharing neighborhood photos and finding historical stories of how the area grew over time. Details.

Cultural Connector

This volunteer has a deep passion for cross-cultural communication, connections, and understanding. Whether they share information from local ethnic organizations or introduce local cultural activities of their own or other diverse groups of neighbors, this volunteer is a bridge builder. This volunteer supports the goal of raising all local voices and assisting immigrant forum participation. An example might be sharing information about local events in the Holy Month of Ramadan or prompting a Muslim member of the community to share their experience of the celebrations. Details.

Social Coordinator

Although we are primarily an online organization, one of our goals is to use our online networks to bring neighbors together in-person. We see ourselves as a “virtual icebreaker.” This volunteer organizes in-person events for forum members to get together, have fun, build community, and engage in local conversations. Forum potlucks and picnics are a great way to build forum engagement and increased neighborliness online. Details.

Neighborhood Linker

This volunteer gathers web links from community groups, etc. across the neighborhood and adds them to the Neighbor Forum’s community links page or shares them on the forum. They may also produce a regular round-up of very local events compiled from community websites (weekly or monthly). Details.

Community Spark

This volunteer connects their block or building online and off by compiling and sharing a simple neighbors directory privately in print and potentially online with participating neighbors. We provide the template which includes a check box to optionally also join the Neighbors Forum in your area. Join our pilot efforts now to test this idea.

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Volunteer Form - Sign Up Here