Once You’ve Joined - New Member Tips

Log into the E-Democracy Site

1. Click on Sign-In/Join at the top right corner of your web browser (or on mobile 3 "dashes").

2. Type your email address and password.

3. Click the Sign In button. Your personalized homepage will be shown with posts from your forums.

Select More Forum(s) to Join

1. Select the Forums tab to see a full list of Forums. You can join or leave Forums from this page OR from “Register or Leave Forum” at each Forum’s homepage.

2. Learn more about a Forum by clicking on link to visit that Forum’s homepage. Forum homepages begins with a brief description followed by a link to “More” – this displays has more information about the Forum’s charter and management.

Select Your Message Delivery Settings

Each time you join a Forum you will be able to choose among three possible settings:

1. One email per post. Every time a person posts to the Forum, you will receive an email message.

2. Daily digest of topics. Once a day you will receive an email that contains a summary of all the topics that have been discussed in the Forum. If no topics have been discussed you will not receive a digest.

3. Web only. You will not receive any email when someone posts to the Forum. You can view the posts using the Web only.

You can change your Message Delivery Settings at any time from your Member Profile. You must be logged in to make changes.

Do you still have questions? ...Check the User Manual on Joining a Group

Manage Your Member Profile

Your profile will show the Forums that you belong to, the most recent messages you have posted, and the profile image and information you choose to share. You can view your profile and update your profile information at any time.

To view your Profile:

1. Log into the E-Democracy site

2. Click on your User name, which is displayed in the top right tab on every page

Changing Your Profile Information

How you change the information listed in your profile depends on the type of data it is: password, text or image. You can also add email addresses to your profile.

Changing Your Password

1. View your profile.

2. Click Change Password. The Change Password page will open.

3. Type the new password in the first entry of the New Password field. (For security reasons, asterisk characters "*" will appear rather than the characters you type.)

4. Type the same password in the Repeat New Password field.

5. Click the Change Password button. 

If the passwords that you typed in do not match, an error message will appear and the password will not be changed. A verification email will be sent to you which you must respond to for the new password to take effect.

Changing Text Fields

All fields in your profile are text fields except for the password and image fields. To change a text-field:

1. View your profile.

2. Click Change Profile. The Change Profile page will appear.

3. Edit the text field, so it reflects the new information.

4. Click the Change button at the bottom of the page.

Note: Filling in the City and Neighborhood/Neighbourhood fields will automate filling in your community each time you post, satisfying Rule 2.1 All forum posts must be identified with your real first and last name, and city and/or neighborhood by accurately filling out your user profile.

Change/Upload Your Profile Image

1. View your profile.

2. Click Change Image. The Change Image page will appear.

3. Click the Browse button next to your image.

4. Select an image in the file-selector dialog. (Images should be 125 pixels wide by 156 pixels high.)

5. Click the Change button at the bottom of the page.

Additional Resources