E-Democracy provides fee-based consulting services to media organizations, foundations, governments, civil society groups, companies, universities and others.

Earned revenue supports our exciting non-profit, non-partisan democracy building work and mission.

Our unique "democracy online" experience and technology experience may be just what your organization needs. We do not work on advocacy/lobbying related projects.

Through us you can cost-effectively tap a talented array of consultants and experts from around the world.

Services we offer to potential clients include (Print version):

  • Grassroots online outreach via Facebook, Twitter, email groups, YouTube, etc.
  • Hosting online conferences and consultations as an "independent trusted neutral host"
  • Public speaking or research on e-democracy, open government, civic technology, and related topics - with a strong inclusion and public participation lens
  • Hosting special online groups for those in the "democracy building" sector
  • Inclusive social media training on reaching highly diverse and low income communities
  • Supporting or advising special online communities of practice
  • On-site and webinar-based e-participation, open government, etc. training and education (preview our free on-demand archives)
  • Advising governments, companies and others on using the Internet in governance (e-participation)
  • Workshops and training - possible topics include: Raising New Voices Online/Inclusive Online Engagement, Connecting Neighbors Online, Online Facilitation for Public Participation, Building Thriving Local Online Civic Experiences and Public Spaces, Online Tools for Public Participation, Online Engagement for Public Officials, E-Democracy Overview (version shared across 30 countries)


  • Hosting the Civic Collaboratory's private online group combined with strategic use of Google Docs for real-time meeting participation
  • Development of Sunshine 2.0 metrics for the League of Women Voters
  • Hosting the New Hampshire Community Conversation on expanding gambling for input into their Governor's commission
  • A strategic 21st Century Right to Know Advisors online group for a consortium led by OMBWatch
  • A private online group for the Knight Foundation's News Challenge Winners
  • Aggressive online outreach for the Emmy-winning Minnesota Minute project and video contest
  • A public online community of practice called Minnesota Voices Online for the Blandin Foundation
  • Many of the services previously provided by Steven Clift directly may be accessed via this website

Within our Engage Locally initiative, note the Community Forum services for communities we provide when you are part of our official network.

If you would like more information on the services we provide, please contact us.